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All models in the Wikipedia links category meet the criteria for inclusion on the BGAFD database. That is, they are British or British based models who have featured in hardcore videos. We anticipate that those who do not yet have an entry on the database will do so in the near future.

See 'Wikipedia: Your first article' for help on how to create new Wikipedia entries for British Porn Stars. Please make sure you understand fully the criteria for publishing new articles. Just because an actress has made a few films does not necessarily qualify her for inclusion on Wikipedia.

Abigail_Toyne [Also see Abigail Toyne's BGAFD page]
Adele_Stephens [Also see Adele Stephens's BGAFD page]
Alicia_Rhodes [Also see Alicia Rhodes's BGAFD page]
Angel_Long [Also see Angel Long's BGAFD page]
Ashley_Long [Also see Ashley Long's BGAFD page]
Beverley_Cocks [Also see Beverley Cocks's BGAFD page]
Cathy_Barry [Also see Cathy Barry's BGAFD page]
Charmaine_Sinclair [Also see Charmaine Sinclair's BGAFD page]
Clyda_Rosen [Also see Clyda Rosen's BGAFD page]
Cosey_Fanni_Tutti [Also see Cosey Fanni Tutti's BGAFD page]
Dani_O'Neal [Also see Dani O'Neal's BGAFD page]
Emma_Caesari [Also see Emma Caesari's BGAFD page]
Faye_Rampton [Also see Faye Rampton's BGAFD page]
Flick_Shagwell [Also see Rebecca Lee's BGAFD page]
Georgette_Neale [Also see Georgette Neale's BGAFD page]
Georgina_Smith [Also see Georgina Smith's BGAFD page]
Hannah_Harper [Also see Hannah Harper's BGAFD page]
Heather_Deeley [Also see Heather Deeley's BGAFD page]
Holly_Wellin [Also see Holly Wellin's BGAFD page]
Honey_Bane [Also see Honey Bane's BGAFD page]
Jamie_Brooks [Also see Jamie Brooks's BGAFD page]
Kelle_Marie [Also see Kellemarie's BGAFD page]
Kelly_Stafford [Also see Kelly Stafford's BGAFD page]
Kerry_Marie [Also see Kerry Marie's BGAFD page]
Lana_Cox [Also see Lana Cox's BGAFD page]
Layla_Jade [Also see Layla~Jade's BGAFD page]
Leah_Jaye [Also see Leah Jaye's BGAFD page]
Linsey_Dawn_McKenzie [Also see Linsey Dawn McKenzie's BGAFD page]
Linzi_Drew [Also see Linzi Drew's BGAFD page]
Lolly_Badcock [Also see Lolly Badcock's BGAFD page]
Mandy_Mountjoy [Also see Heather Chittenden's BGAFD page]
Martina_Warren [Also see Martina Cosgrove's BGAFD page]
Mary_Millington [Also see Mary Millington's BGAFD page]
McKenzie_Lee [Also see McKenzie Lee's BGAFD page]
Michelle_Barrett [Also see Michelle B.'s BGAFD page]
Michelle_Monaghan [Also see Michelle Bond's BGAFD page]
Michelle_Thorne [Also see Michelle Thorne's BGAFD page]
Nadia_Nyce [Also see Nadia Nyce's BGAFD page]
Nichola_Holt [Also see Nichola Holt's BGAFD page]
Nici_Sterling [Also see Nici Sterling's BGAFD page]
Nikita_Devine [Also see Nikita Devine's BGAFD page]
Pixie [Also see Nadia's BGAFD page]
Poppy_Morgan [Also see Poppy Morgan's BGAFD page]
Roxanne_Hall [Also see Roxanne Hall's BGAFD page]
Roxy_Jezel [Also see Roxy Jezel's BGAFD page]
Sabrina_Johnson [Also see Sabrina Johnson's BGAFD page]
Samantha_Laurent [Also see Samantha Shamal's BGAFD page]
Sarah_Jane_Hamilton [Also see Sarah-Jane Hamilton's BGAFD page]
Sarah_Louise_Young [Also see Sarah Young's BGAFD page]
Shakina_Shergold [Also see Shakina Shergold's BGAFD page]
Stacey_Owen [Also see Stacey Owen's BGAFD page]
Suzy_Mandel [Also see Suzy Mandel's BGAFD page]
Taylor_Wane [Also see Taylor Wane's BGAFD page]
Teresa_May [Also see Teresa May's BGAFD page]
Teresa_Scott [Also see Teresa Scott's BGAFD page]
Toni_Francis [Also see Titanic Toni Francis's BGAFD page]
Vida_Garman [Also see Vida Garman's BGAFD page]

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