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Although, for the sake of completeness, we have included all manner of British models in our Clubs and Groups listings - from Page 3 Girls through to porn stars - the BGAFD Forum is specifically for enquiries about models in the BGAFD database, or those who meet the criteria for inclusion: i.e. British or British based models who have featured in hardcore videos.

Before making a forum post about a model who has a group listed, please do a search on her name to confirm that she has a database entry. If she does, she is a valid topic for discussion in the BGAFD Forum. The sole exception to this is when you have new information which may qualify her for inclusion in the database, according to the FAQ. Otherwise, you must post any enquiries to the O/T Forum which is specifically reserved for off topic matters.

See the MSN Groups Home page for more information on MSN groups.

Adele Stephens Is 2 Sexy [Also see Adele Stephens's BGAFD page]
beckyspeedmodel - Becky Speed
Charmaine Sinclair Lovers Site [Also see Charmaine Sinclair's BGAFD page]
Claire's table manners
cockknobster [Also see Christine [9]'s BGAFD page]
Morrigan Hel [Also see Morrigan_Hel's BGAFD page]
Nicole Simmons Shrine
rebekahteadale2 [Also see Rebekah Parmar-Teasdale's BGAFD page]
Roxanne Hall of Fame [Also see Roxanne Hall's BGAFD page]
Strict Teresa [Also see Teresa May's BGAFD page]

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