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Although, for the sake of completeness, we have included all manner of British models in our Clubs and Groups listings - from Page 3 Girls through to porn stars - the BGAFD Forum is specifically for enquiries about models in the BGAFD database, or those who meet the criteria for inclusion: i.e. British or British based models who have featured in hardcore videos.

Before making a forum post about a model who has a group listed, please do a search on her name to confirm that she has a database entry. If she does, she is a valid topic for discussion in the BGAFD Forum. The sole exception to this is when you have new information which may qualify her for inclusion in the database, according to the FAQ. Otherwise, you must post any enquiries to the O/T Forum which is specifically reserved for off topic matters.

See the Yahoo! Groups Help page for more information on Yahoo! groups including details of how to register and access.

60sglam - British glamour models of the 1960s
abbyessien - Abby Essien - Sexy pics of this page 3 babe
abigailtoyne - Abigail Toyne - Site dedicated to the British Men's World babe! [Also see Abigail Toyne's BGAFD page]
abigailtoyne4ever - Abigail Toyne 4 Ever [Also see Abigail Toyne's BGAFD page]
abigailtoyneheavenly [Also see Abigail Toyne's BGAFD page]
abigailtoyneii - Abigail Toyne II - Club 2 for the British glamour girl [Also see Abigail Toyne's BGAFD page]
abigailtoynelinks - Abigail Toyne Links [Also see Abigail Toyne's BGAFD page]
abigailtoyne_heaven - Abigail Toyne Heaven [Also see Abigail Toyne's BGAFD page]
AbigailToyne_TheEssentialSource - Abigail Toyne The Essential Source [Also see Abigail Toyne's BGAFD page]
ACandXPresenterLovers - Adult Channel and Television X Presenters
ACandXPresenterLovers2 - AC and X Presenter Lovers 2
adele-stephens - Awesome Adele Stephens - Spam Free [Also see Adele Stephens's BGAFD page]
adeleandthehardcorebritgirls - Adele and the Hardcore Britgirls - Britgirls doin' the Mattress Mambo !! [Also see Adele Stephens's BGAFD page]
adultactress - I wanna be an Adult Actress/Model
AkaNadia2 [Also see Nadia's BGAFD page]
akapixieartshow - AKA Pixie - Fan Art & Lit [Also see Nadia's BGAFD page]
Akasha_Raevyn - Akasha_Raevyns modelling group [Also see Kayte Love's BGAFD page]
alexis-silver - Alexis Silver [Also see Alexis Silver's BGAFD page]
aliciafanclub - Alicia Rhodes Fanclub [Also see Alicia Rhodes's BGAFD page]
aliciafanclub2 [Also see Alicia Rhodes's BGAFD page]
alicia_rhodes [Also see Alicia Rhodes's BGAFD page]
aliclementsno1fan - Ali Clements Fan Club [Also see Ali Clements's BGAFD page]
alisonamberley - Alison Amberley [Also see Alison Amberley's BGAFD page]
alisonbrown - Alison Brown [Also see Alison Brown's BGAFD page]
alisonbrown2 - alison brown 2 [Also see Alison Brown's BGAFD page]
alwaysgailmckenna - Always Gail McKenna
alwaysjoguest - Always Jo Guest
alwayssarahyoung - Always Sarah Young [Also see Sarah Young's BGAFD page]
alwaysveronicazemanova - Always Veronica Zemanova
Alysha_Leigh - British P*O*R*N Starlet ~ Official Group [Also see Alysha Leigh's BGAFD page]
AlyssaLeigh - Official Alyssa Leigh Yahoo! Group
amanda-dawkins - Amanda Dawkins Shrine [Also see Amanda Dawkins's BGAFD page]
amandadawkins - Amanda Dawkins - This filthy slut loves getting fucked real hard! [Also see Amanda Dawkins's BGAFD page]
AmandaLong - Amanda Long [Also see Amanda Long's BGAFD page]
amandasshrine - Amanda's shrine - pic place for pendulous tittied newcomer Amanda [Also see Amanda White's BGAFD page]
AmazingSamanthaFox - Amazing Samantha Fox
amberrox - Amber Rox [Also see Leyli's BGAFD page]
amisweet - Ami Sweet
andreaclarkerevisited - Andrea Clarke Revisited [Also see Andrea Clarke's BGAFD page]
andreaclarkeworshipcenter - Andrea Clarke Worship Center [Also see Andrea Clarke's BGAFD page]
andreamichalski - Andrea Michalski
AngelDoes - Quite Simply...Gorgeous! [Also see Anne Fowler's BGAFD page]
angeleyescarri - Carri Lee [Also see Carri Lee's BGAFD page]
AngelinaCroft - Angelina Croft [Also see Majella Shepard's BGAFD page]
angellong - Angel Long: Adult Star [Also see Angel Long's BGAFD page]
anjali-kara - Anjali_Kara [Also see Anjali Kara's BGAFD page]
anjalikara - Anjali Kara Uncovered [Also see Anjali Kara's BGAFD page]
annastjohn - lisashepherd [Also see Anna St John's BGAFD page]
annataverner - Anna Taverner - Another Page 3 Babe
annatavernerfanclub - Anna Taverner - Page 3 & Megastar Model
AnnaTavernerPage3Girl - Anna Taverner Page 3 Girl
annaustin - Ann Austin
Anna_Taverner_hot - Anna Taverner Is SOOOOOO Hot
annettejohnson - Annette Johnson
ashleybondgroup - Ashley bond group [Also see Ashley Bond's BGAFD page]
ashleylongfan - Ashley Long Fan Club [Also see Ashley Long's BGAFD page]
ashrinetoclaireorme - A Shrine to Claire Orme
a_katarina_group [Also see Katarina Nikita's BGAFD page]
BabePlanet_UK - BabePlanetUK
BabePlanet_UK2 - BabePlanetUK2
babesvids - Babes Vids
bdb2001 - Charmaine Sinclair [Also see Charmaine Sinclair's BGAFD page]
beautifuljakkidegg - Sexy, Beautiful, Lovely, Jakki Degg
belindacharltonshrine - Belinda Charlton Shrine - Pictures of ex-page 3 model Belinda Charlton
bellezasmundiales - bellezas mundiales
bev_cocks47 - Bev Cocks [Also see Beverley Cocks's BGAFD page]
bigbabefest - Big Babefest
blondeveronica - Blonde Veronica Zemanova
bodimodel - BODI
bonniesimon - Bonnie Simon
brigittebarclay - Brigitte Barclay
BritAnal - Group for British babes who put 'things' up their @ss.
britbabes - Brit Babes - Nice pics everytime you look
britglam - British Glamour - A Celebration of...
britishbabes - British Babes - Best Of British Crumpet
Brit_Fist - Group for British babes who give or take fist.
bunni_group - Bunni/Emma The Perfect Hardcore Model!
BurtonMoore - www.BurtonMoore.com [Also see Emma B.'s BGAFD page]
BurtonMoore2 - Emma Burton-Moore [Also see Emma B.'s BGAFD page]
BustyYuliaMeetsAdele - Yulia Nova meets Adele Stevens [Also see Adele Stephens's BGAFD page]
candy-davis - Candy Davis Appreciation Society
CarissaBrownWorship [Also see Carissa Brown's BGAFD page]
carlasexy - carlasexy_uk
caroleanne - Carole Anne Appreciation Society
caroleanne2 - Carole Anne Appreciation Society
Caroline - Caroline Group
carpetsslutclub - Carpets slut club - Pics of amateur and pro sluts
CarrieHunter - Carrie Hunter
carrielorimer - The Carrie Lorimer Collection
carrielorimerfanclub - Carrie Lorimer Fan Club - A Place to Swap Carrie Pics [Also see Carrie Lorimer's BGAFD page]
carrielorimerii - Carrie Lorimer II [Also see Carrie Lorimer's BGAFD page]
carrilee - Carri Lee [Also see Carri Lee's BGAFD page]
cathybarry - Cathy Barry - A homage to the beautiful Cathy Barry [Also see Cathy Barry's BGAFD page]
cathybarrysfanclub - Crazy About Cathy 3 [Also see Cathy Barry's BGAFD page]
CathyPatrick - A group for fans of the lovely plumper model from the 80s and 90s, Cathy Patrick [Also see Cathy Patrick's BGAFD page]
celebsandamateurs - Celebrities and Amateurs and Page 3 Girls
centrefolds_reunited - Take a strip down memory lane & see again those glamour models you loved during the 1990's.
Champagne-Tease - ChampagneTease
charlieoneale - Charlie O'Neale
Charlie_O_Neale - Maxim Babe Of The Year 2001
charlotte-gee - Charlotte Gee
Chaz_O_Neale - New Pictures-and-Updates
Cheeky_Production - CheekyProductions
Cherryforever - Cherry Forever aka Cherry Treats [Also see Cherry [2]'s BGAFD page]
Chloe_Dior_UKs_Place - Chloe_Dior_UK's_Place
ChristieLyons - Christie Lyons
cindy_read - Cindy Read
clairecass - Claire Cass - A shrine to the delectable Miss Cass [Also see Claire Cass's BGAFD page]
clairecollins - Claire Collins [Also see Claire Collins's BGAFD page]
clairelengextreme - More Pictures of the Lovely Claire Leng
clairelengheaven - Claire Leng Heaven - A shrine to a gorgeous Brit brunette
clairelenglinks2 - CLAIRE LENG links2
clairelengmx - ClaireLengMoreExtreme
clairelengstablemanners - CLAIRE CUTE WITH THE CUSTARD
claireorme - Claire Orme
ClaireShrine - Sexy Claire from ATK
Claire_Kiernan_Group - The Claire Kiernan Group [Also see Claire Kiernan's BGAFD page]
ClairMargasson - The Clair Margasson Collection
claudia_casali - Claudia Casali [Also see Claudia Casali's BGAFD page]
ClubChaz - www.megastar.co.uk
clydarosenfan - Clyda Rosen Compilation [Also see Clyda Rosen's BGAFD page]
coralburton - Coral Burton - This is the Place To Find Her Great Boobs ! ! [Also see Karen Britain's BGAFD page]
corinnerussell - Corinne Russell Appreciation Society
couldbereal - Could be Real!
crazyaboutcathy - Crazy About Cathy - A club for fans and friends of Cathy Barry [Also see Cathy Barry's BGAFD page]
creamtina - Tina Cream
curvy - CurvedFX - yahoo group
cyberbrits - This list complements the CyberBrits website, dedicated to the best of British models
DaniONeal - The official Group of Babestation top presenter Dani O'Neal. [Also see Dani O'Neal's BGAFD page]
DanniHunt - Danni Hunt - Lift the bonnet of this British model - and adore!
debbiejordanfanclub - Debbie Jordan Fan Club - For fans of Debbie Jordan, bustybeautiful UK model [Also see Debby Jordan's BGAFD page]
debbiequarryshrine - Debbie Quarry Shrine - Big Breasted BRIT Beauty... Worship here...!!! [Also see Debbie Quarrell's BGAFD page]
Debbie_Cummins - Debbie Cummins
debeeashby - Debee Ashby - A group about the fantastic Debee [Also see Debee Ashby's BGAFD page]
debeeashby2 - Debee Ashby 2 - A second club about the delicious Debee [Also see Debee Ashby's BGAFD page]
DebeeAshby3 - Debee Ashby 3 [Also see Debee Ashby's BGAFD page]
deborahcorrigan - Deborah Corrigan
DeniseDClub - Denise D - Beautiful Busty Brit [Also see Denise D's BGAFD page]
denise_davies_fans - A group for fans of the very sexy and very busty UK model Denise Davies [Also see Denise D's BGAFD page]
desperatelyseekingadele [Also see Adele Stephens's BGAFD page]
Destiny-Deville [Also see Destiny Deville's BGAFD page]
devlikeshotlips - Hot lips Corina
donna-the-body-ewin - Donna Ewin Appreciation Society
donnaambrose - Donna Ambrose - The queen is here! All hail the queen! [Also see Donna Ambrose's BGAFD page]
donnaambrose2 - Donna Ambrose 2 [Also see Donna Ambrose's BGAFD page]
donnaambrose3 - Donna Ambrose 3 [Also see Donna Ambrose's BGAFD page]
donnaambrose4 [Also see Donna Ambrose's BGAFD page]
DonnaDillingham - Donna Dillingham
donnaewin2 - Donna Ewin 2
donnaewinnaturalperfection - Donna Ewin Natural Perfection - Tall, slim beauty with big natural breasts
donnaewinpage3 - Donna Ewin Page3 - A page3 girl with the best NATURAL breasts ever!
donnamurray - Donna Murray [Also see Donna Murray's BGAFD page]
Donna_Berkeley - Donna Berkeley [Also see Donna Berkeley's BGAFD page]
donna_derrieres_place [Also see Donna Derriere's BGAFD page]
dusk_films - Dusk Films
dwynn - Diane Wynn [Also see Dianna Wynn's BGAFD page]
EbonyG - Page 3 Model - Ebony Gilbert!!!
ebonygilbert - Ebony Gilbert Appreciation Society
ebsplace - Eb's Place!
elencole - Elen Cole [Also see Elen Cole's BGAFD page]
elizabethmichellelawrence - Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence [Also see Elizabeth Lawrence's BGAFD page]
emmacaesarifanclub - Emma Caesari Fan Club - One of Britain's Best!
Emmaford - Emma Ford
emmagaba - Emma Gaba... enough said!
emmanoble - Emma Noble - the most beautiful British babe

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