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 Play by play of Cathy Barry and Omar "The Affair"
Author: Nobo Dy 
Date:   04-23-06 18:05

Cathy Barry The Affair

This is a great, great film. Watched it for the first time just now. If you buy porn to see gorgeous girls being screwed by a well hung guy, then buy it - if you watch porn for something else, don't buy it. 'The Affair' shows that Britporn can be best. It also features Omar Williams working with a higher quality of female pornstar than is usually seen in his own series.

Anyway, here's a play-by-play of some of the many highlights of this film:

Opening scene has Cathy Barry in Bristol town centre. Her husband Phil is trying to get her to say: “Coming up tonight, we see some of the most gorgeous girls with the most gorgeous faces and the biggest boobs”. However, she keeps fucking up her lines and then, out of nowhere, Omar arrives!

Omar takes her to a phone booth and starts propositioning her whilst Phil, who is pissed off, walks off in a hump. The whole street watching Cathy and Omar in the booth, but they pretend not to be when the two walk off to the car park. Cathy tells Omar that the cameramen are there for a ‘documentary' and are filming her everywhere.

Cathy takes him to her studio. The two seem to have a good, genuine sexual chemistry and to enjoy each others company (have they shagged before?)

Next is a rundown of the action highlights:

7 mins 40 secs Cathy gets her tits out and Omar starts rubbing them

8 mins 20 Cathy gives Omar blow job

10 mins 50 blow job turns into tit wank

11 mins 20 licks her arse and then her pussy. This is all standing so far and in the corner of the studio

12 20 Omar starts fucking her standing doggystyle

13 30 back to blow job

15 50 Omar takes his shirt off

17 20 Omar takes down his trousers (still standing!)

18 30 they finally move to Studio couch, Omar starts licking her out. cunnilungus and annilingus (Cathy seems to like it!)

19 30 He’s IN again, missionary position

20 50 Cathy’s dripping wet

22 20 doggysstyle on the side of the couch

24 10 spoon

27 she starts riding him

28 40 he asks and she agrees to let him take her up the ass

31 30 Omar comes, by normal standards big enough but not his biggest he then returnds to her pussy after ejaculation, Cathy sucks him and then he sticks it in her again

33. Omar: “How was that Mrs Barry” Cathy: “Mmm Great” (end scene)

Cathy and Omar with Elle Brook

35.30 Cathy and Elle start kissing in long lesbian scene. If you like lesbianism then fine, but I must admit that I sped past it

1hr 01 ends

1 02 Cathy and Omar hatch a plan to embroil Elle in her ‘first’ boy girl scene.

1 04 whilst CATHY is having lesbian sex with Elle on the couch Omar goes to get a ‘dildo’

1 07 omar gets his cock in for a double blow job from the girls

1 08 50 Omar and cameraman get in on the action. Omar getting dick sucked from Elle, Other guy sucking Cathy’s tits

1 11 Other guy gets dick sucked by Cathy

1 12 50 Omar enters Elle

11 18 by now the other guy has entered Cathy and they both fuck on the same settee

1 25 14 they swap girls

1 33 omar doggy’s Cathy whilst Cathy gives other guy blow job. Elle departs from the scene and wanks in the corner. The two guys swap Cathy between them when the other guy regains his hardness

1 40 Elle returns to suck Omar, he then reenters Elle

1 43 other guy comes on Cathy although it is a fairly invisible shot

1 44 30 Omar comes on both Elle and Cathy. SPLASH!!!! That’s like an Omar cumshot from the good ole' days

Omar and Tony James with Cathy

147 Cathy comes out of starbucks. Omar and long-haired Tony meet her

148 they start sucking her tits in the hallway of some house that Cathy and Omar want to look at

1 54 at this satge they are both getting head from Cathy

1 55 Tony enters Cathy from behind, Omar still getting head

1 56 they decide to go upstairs

1 57 top of the stairs she gives both of them head again and oral continues in room at the top of the stairs, with Omar and Tony taking it turns to lick her out

2 04 22 Omar enters Cathy from behind

2 04 52 they swap

2 06 48 they swap again

2 24 Double Penetration

2 29 Tony cums 2 30 Omar cums

Omar Cathy and Katie Raymond
2 33 oTher girl has rock hard huge nipples when Omar sucks them

2 35 Long pussy lips too

2 39 20 Omar enters

2 46 Omar cums. Briefest scene but a hot one.

Highlights: Bristol High Street scene; Cathy taking Omar anally; Omar initiating Elle into the porn industry; Katie Raymond's nipples (wow!)

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