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Released: 2009
Notes: Your Choice, compilation
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DVD  17.50 GBP Your Choice: Xtra Kinky Viewers' Wives Your Choice Productions 8
   20.00 GBP British Porn: Xtra Kinky Viewer's Wives Your Choice Productions 6
   20.00 GBP SimplyPornDVD: Xtra Kinky Viewer's Wives Your Choice Productions 1
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Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Your Choice

A kinky compilation drawn from 50 volumes of Viewers' Wives, All the women need something more than a meaty cock.

  • Debbie - brunette gets kinky with the olive oil in the kitchen. (VW29).
  • Marianne - all manner of battery powered objects up her cunt. (VW31).
  • Sharon - blonde's cunt takes a hammering (literally) as the contents of her kitchen cupboard give her great pleasure.
  • Theresa (Daine) - masturbating and pissing in the garden. (VW33).
  • Nikki (Niki Daniels) - several locations, many objects including (finally) Terry's cock up her pussy. (VW27).
  • No name blonde pushes dildo and bottle up herself before getting fisted.
  • Ros, George and Dave - model quality, young, very attractive brunette fucks a black dude; can't believe we haven't found more of her stuff. (VW26).
  • Terry and Jackie - curvy mature policewoman stripped to basque & stockings then chained up, shaved and fucked by a machine; but Terry keeps his todger in his trousers. (VW22).
  • Pauline and Mel - Pauline sucks and fucks in a hotel room and gets pissed over while Mel films POV. (VW32).
  • Christine and Esperance - the delicious Esperance and fragrant Christine get it together with some watersports for Terry Stephens (OEJ). (VW28).
  • Sarah Beattie (unnamed) - gets very dirty with Terry Stephens - pissing, flashing and fucking, particularly on the Northern Line. Footage has appeared all over the place, and probably VW19.
  • Jenny - tall, soft and curvy young brunette gets gangbanged. (VW25).
  • Lynn and Keith - second compilation outing for this old pair. (VW15 + VWUK3).
  • Sarah (Robinson) and Telly - do all the usual girl-girl plus a bit of pissing. (VW14).
  • Thelma and Shay - looks like one of Barry's amateur couples. Thelma fists, fucks and takes it up the bum from Shay. (VW17).
  • Rachel - attractive brunette shoves every phallus-shaped fruit or veg up herself. (VW17).
  • Tina, Geoff and Paul - Tina's exploits with bottles and veg get this an entry as the fucking is over in seconds. (VW10 + VWUK4).
  • Lynda and Mike - looks like Lynn and Mike's showreel with dildos, fruit, pissing and fucking (on many occasions).
  • Sandra and Peter - good looking brunette with tidy figure gets naked and fisted by Peter in a very early tape (provenance unknown).
  • Laura - Laura Turner solo on a couch with wine bottle. (originally VW7).
  • Unnamed (familiar) brunette gets fruity with a banana then a lit candle.
  • Sharon - is Jane Whitehouse pushing beads in her pussy and pissing in a pot. (VW8).
  • Jennifer and Peter - bottles on the beach, pissing in the bath and fucking at home. Self filmed diary of dirty brunette and her hubby. (VW17).
  • Kaz B and JJ - kinky Kaz fucks JJ up the arse. (VW46).
  • Lisa (Rose Wood) - pleasuring herself and pissing on the lawn. (VW47).
  • Marie and David - 19 year old Marie, blonde and big boobed, auditions in 2004. How come nothing since? (VW40).
  • Mouse and Bibi - together in the bath. (VW49).
  • Rona (Stock) and Kim - g/g then a gangbang. (VW44).

Review by Bayleaf
July 2009

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