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Released: 2008
Director: Cash Markman
Notes: Visage
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Running time: 78 mins.

When a gangland boss discovers someone has been sleeping with his girl, there's bound to be trouble for all involved. Capturing the culprit, the boss seeks his revenge by locking Steven St Croix in a maze type dungeon and tormenting him with images from the past. Among Steve's previous lovers are Nikki Hunter, Rachel Roxx, Angie Savage and Natalie as Savannah Gold.

Kris Slater plays a young Steven as he meets up with Natalie in the woods by a waterfall. This is the couple's first holiday together. Natalie kneels, her boobs hanging out of her turquoise summer dress. She leans forward to suck at Kris's cock. Stripping down to her black panties, she perches on a wooden fence. Kris parts her pussy lips and licks. Pushed down onto the ground, Natalie slips Kris's shaft into her shaven pussy. Her moans are drowned out by the falling water. The two move. Standing on one leg, Natalie is shagged from behind. Turning, she takes Kris's load on her face.

Having seen his life again, Steven is released to ponder what could have been and what lies in store.

X Marks the Spot is a very short and unsatisfactory movie. The baddy isn't bad enough, the plot doesn't really develop and the sex scenes are brief and lack variation. OK, it's nicely shot and the girls all look fine, but there's no real substance in the film. Watching the movie, X misses the spot.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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