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Released: 2009
Director: Jelena Lakic
Notes: Easy On The Eye
Alternate Titles
  • Rock Hard
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 98 mins.

Anna Span has handed over the directorial reins to her prodigy Jeleka Lakic for this offering from Easy on the Eye. The five scenes examine the ins and outs of the Rock industry as Tequila, Maxine and Natalie try to find their way.

Access All Areas
Having travelled hours to get to a gig, Natalie find her way to the venue blocked by bouncers Ian Tait and Mark. Her story about being a journalist reporting the concert gets her nowhere with the boys, but when she asks to use the loos the boys relent. Using her charms, Natalie hopes to stay in the hall. The boys want to see how far she will go. A flash of her boobs fails to impress, but their hands under her short black skirt is a different matter. Knickers round her ankles, Natalie lets the pair lap at her pussy as she licks and wanks their pricks. Ian lies back on a low sofa. Natalie climbs onto his dick. Mark is next to be ridden as Natalie presses her boobs into his face. A little anal action from the boys and Natalie takes two cocks at once. The guys jet their jizz over her tits.

DJ Pete Schlong
Dancing at a club, Renee catches the eye of DJ Dimitri. Leaving his decks, he joins her on the floor. As the two dance and kiss, the club slowly empties. Alone on the dance floor, Renee slips her boobs out of her black top. Dimitri starts to lick. Her fingers wander down his shirt, undoing each button they encounter. The two sink to the floor. Dimitri lets his tongue dart over Renee's panties. Pulling them aside, he probes her pussy. Releasing Dimitri's dick, Renee sucks at the head. A dribble of saliva runs down the length as she grabs it tightly. Stripped to her cowboy boots, Renee sits on the shaft. Slowly falling back, she's shagged missionary. Panting, the pair bang away doggy. Dimitri pulls out to cover Renee's back with cum.

Record Deal
Promising duo Maxine and Tequila turn up to sing for their first record deal with Sam and Rocco. Before pen is put to paper though, the boys think the pair could do with an image make over. Plonking hats on the girls does nothing, but ripping open their T-shirts gives them a sexier look. If it's sexy the boys want... Clearing a space on the table, Tequila spreads out. Maxine climbs on top and the two kiss. Encouraged by Rocco, the girls strip and bite at each other's boobs. Perched over Tequila's face, Maxine gets her pussy licked. She produces a lipstick vibrator and presses it into Tequila's clit. The boys stand, tugging at their cocks as Maxine and Tequila lap and finger each other's mounds. A shiny silver vibe is eased into tight holes. The girls drop to the floor and masturbate. Rocco jerks his load all over the contract.

Roadie Romp
Dougie is tuning up back stage when roadie Keira arrives late. Picking up his instrument, she sits on his lap. She feels something moving inside his pants and sticks in her hand to investigate. Pulling out Dougie's dick, Keira flicks her tongue over the head. Licking down his shaft, she crams his balls into her mouth. Dropping her jeans and knickers, Keira balances on the edge of a stool to have her pussy teased. Wrapping her long legs round Dougie's back, Keira pulls his prick towards her pussy. Boobs out of her corseted top, the two shag. Keira twists to suck Dougie's cock, then eases his length between her legs. Down on all fours, Dougie hammers away doggy. This rampant roadie wants more. Turning Keira onto her back, he thrusts into her missionary, then releases his load over her pussy.

Reading Festival Tent-Erection
Pitching their tent in a quiet spot, Poppy and Stefan find they are miles from the festival site. Instead of tramping miles to see the acts, the couple decide to see more of each other. Stripped to her black panties, Poppy stretches out in front of the tent to be tongued by her partner. Noticing a bulge inside Stefan's pants, she grabs it and starts to wank. Her knickers off, Poppy lowers herself onto Stefan's length and rides reverse. She falls forward onto all fours to be fucked from behind, her plaited bunches swaying as she's banged. The two lie side-by-side on the red ground sheet and shag spoons. Stefan sprays his spunk over Poppy's stomach.

Watching this film it's apparent Jeleka has been heavily influenced by Anna Span who she's worked with as camera woman on a number of projects. Women Love Porn 3 is very much in the house-style of Easy on the Eye, with each scene having a decent scenario and the action flowing naturally from the story line. A good view from first time director Jeleka.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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