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Released: 1995 (2002 for DVD)
Director: Brad Armstrong
Notes: Wicked
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Running time: 73 mins.

This short plot-based film by Brad Armstrong takes us to the labs of Professor Mike Horner, where a terrible accident has exposed Tara Heart to some feline genes. When assistant Anna Malle tries to help, Tara turns feral, digging her claws into her boobs and pussy until she too becomes a cat woman. The pair set off on a rampage using sex to snare their pray. Mike Horner is the first to fall for their pussy ways, followed by Anna's boyfriend, Brad.

Outside the labs in a quiet back alley, Yvonne is giving her boyfriend, Alex Sanders, a blow job when the girls pounce. Pulled from the car, Tara fingers Yvonne as she sinks her fangs into Alex's cock. Bent forward, Yvonne is filled from behind by Alex's dick as a semi-crazed Tara licks at the pair. Ready to cum, Alex shoots his load over Yvonne's face. Tara starts lapping her clean when police woman Felicia shines her torch down the alley.

Spotting the commotion, Felicia rushes forward. Tara and Yvonne turn on her, ripping and riving at her uniform to get at her pussy. Transformed into leather clad dominatrices, the girls take Felicia back to Anna's flat to lick pussy and lap up some cream.

Shot at a time when adult movies had a slightly blue tinge, this short nonsensical film doesn't really have a lot going for it. The 'acting' is little more than the reciting of wooden dialogue, and the action in each scene is over before it gets started. Give Wildcats a miss.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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