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Released: 2009
Director: Tanya Hyde
Notes: Harmony
Alternate Titles
  • Defoncées Marc Dorcel
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 160 mins.

When it comes to quality films, Harmony are at the head of the queue with some of the best releases currently available. The Wicked Ones is another title which can be added to the list. Packed full of eroto-fetish images, Tanya Hyde's film features six of Britain's sexiest girls alongside American Jordan Kingsley and Europeans Jennie Baby and Sofia Valentine, in four sizzling scenes.

Wearing a black latex coat which goes almost down to her feet, Tanya enters her green lit dungeon where she has Jennie, Clark and George locked in cages. Her coat falls to the floor as she walks over to where a hooded guy is strapped to a chair. Her boobs peeping through a slashed black dress. Tanya rips open his pants and locks her lips around his length. She moves on to Clark's cage and pulls his prick through the bars. Her head bobs up and down on his dick. Releasing the boys, Tanya climbs onto a swing. She catches the reflection of the pair in their tinted glasses as they lick and fuck her pussy. She sucks at Clark's cock as George shoots his load over her stomach. In killer red heels, Jennie is released to take her place in a high chair with her legs up in stirrups. A white coated Clark inspects her pussy with a magnifying glass and moves in for a taste. She hangs on to the chair as she's teased. Clark feeds his prick into Jennie's mouth. A rubber clad George fills her pussy. Jennie eases a dick into her arse and flops back to be DP'd. Perched on a metal bar, dressed in shiny black gear, Tanya is spit-roasted. Jennie takes her place to be banged up the bum. George cums again over Jennie's pussy. Clark sprays his spunk over Tanya's back.

The Filthy and the Frenzy
With legs which seem to go on and on, Emma dances in a darkened club in front of a slightly creepy audience of mannequin masked men. Spreading her stocking clad legs, she runs her gloved fingers over her pussy and slips her boobs out of her tight black top. To show their appreciation of Emma's performance, the guys tug at their dicks. Emma takes two in hand and her cheeks bulge as she fills her mouth with cheb. Her fanny full of fingers, Emma licks the shafts. A tongue protrudes from one of the masks. Sitting on it, Emma falls forward to 69. Jordan appears through the smokey haze. Emma comes up behind her and caresses her boobs. The two gyrate in unison. Creeping out of the shadows, masked guys stand with their cocks at the ready. The girls crouch down and suck. Kneeling side-by-side, the pair pull their pussies open to be pounded by pricks. Emma bends over a bar for some anal action. Jordan spreds her legs to be hammered from behind. The boys fire their loads over Emma's tongue and Jordan's back.

Den of Depravity
The two Michelles, Moist and Thorne, ring the reception bell at a rundown hotel. George ushers them through a door. In tight latex dresses and heels, the two climb the dilapidated stairs to the top landing. Popping their heads round a door they find a rubber clad guy strapped down and Ebony bent over his body, her lips round his cock. They stand for a while and watch, then leave Ebony with her full boobs swaying as she sucks at dick. In the next room, the pair paw at their latex garbs trying to get at each other's pussies and breasts. Ebony has moved downstairs and is spread out in front of George. A toy buzzing in her pussy makes her nipples erect. The Michelles lick and lap at each other. Open-legged, Michelle T. impales herself on a fucking machine. The pink shaft propels itself deep between her legs. She strokes at her clit as the speed increases. George can hold back no longer. Pulling at Ebony's tits, he buries his face in her damp muff. Meanwhile, Michelle has turned around to take the machine doggy style. George slips his cock into Ebony. Michelle M. now tries the mechanical manhood. Lying on a stool, her pussy lips ripple their way along its ridged plastic length. Her body trembles. Ebony climbs onto George's cock and slams against his balls. Michelle M. lets out a scream as the thrusts of the machine fill her pussy. George squirts his jizz over Ebony.

Flog 'Em and Fuck 'Em
Strapped to a big wheel, a masked Jay flinches every time Sofia's whip strikes his body. Crammed in a cage, all Ree can do is watch. Grabbing Jay's cock with her black gloved hand, Sofia slowly feeds his length down her throat. His shaft glistens with her spit under the eerie green light. Released from his bonds, Jay crawls across the room, with Sofia on his back, towards a waiting Ree. He homes in on her pierced clit and starts to lick. Sofia joins in, pulling at Ree's pussy. The girls kiss. Kneeling on a chair, Sofia gets her pussy and arse probed by Jay's fingers. Ree wraps her red lips around his cock and wanks it into her mouth. Suspended by straps, Sofia plays with herself and rocks on to Jay's rod. He holds her bum to steady the sway as he fucks. Down on the ground she pounds onto his prick, reverse cowgirl, both in her pussy and in her arse. With Sofia licking her, Ree is fucked missionary on a red leather stool. The girls 69 with Jay still banging away. The girls kneel to take his cream in their mouths.

Combining hard, hot, action without going overboard with the 'kinky' stuff is a difficult task and in The Wicked Ones (as in other Tanya Hyde films) the balance is spot on. Jam packed with erotic imagery and sizzling sex, this film has just about everything you could want in a movie, even if the genre is not really your bag. Ree Petra is making quite a name for herself with her performances at Harmony and watching her here it's easy to see why. The other 'new' girls in the movie, Ebony Goddess, Michelle Moist and Tanya Tate, along with established star Michelle Thorne, all produce memorable scenes. And for those who have a thing about legs, there are none longer or more stunning than Emma Butt's - one of the sexiest girls around, both in and out of her specs. The Wicked Ones is yet another winner from Hyde and Harmony.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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