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Released: 2009
Director: Sam Stonehill
Notes: Film Erotica, widescreen
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Running time: 117 mins.

Having taken holidays in the Alps, Italy and a cold Cornwall in spring, the latest destination for the globe trotting Film Erotica team is Provence. Unlike Peter Mayle who took a year to become accustomed to the ways of the region, Faye, Jasmine Lau, Kimberly Cox, Syren Sexton and Tanya Cox only spend a week there - shagging.

Opening the door to her secluded cottage, Syren finds Steve Hooper on the step with a box of wine. Home alone, Syren asks Steve to pop the wine into the bedroom. He grabs Syren and the two fall onto the bed. Her protests are quelled by Steve's kisses. Noticing a bulge in Steve's pants, Syren pounces and his cock is quickly in her mouth. Pulling her panties aside, Syren slides down Steve's shaft. The pair bounce on the bed with Steve biting her boobs. Lying flat on her stomach, Syren laughs and giggles as Steve stabs into her pussy. Rolling over, her cheeks look flushed. Steve continues to bang away missionary, pulling out to cover Syren's face with cream.

Keni sits on a hillside, contemplating, when he spots Tanya heading into the woods to go mushrooming. He follows her down the steep path and hides behind a tree. She spots him and the two get chatting. Keni is writing poetry and the sight of Tanya has helped his muse. For more inspiration he lifts her lemon top and licks at her boobs. Tanya drops her shorts to reveal a green micro bikini. Unzipping Keni's pants, Tanya wanks and guides his dick into her mouth. The two fall onto a handily spread red towel. In the bright sunlight, Keni slides his cock into Tanya's pussy. They turn onto their sides. Keni plays with her tits as they fuck. Tanya takes control. Casting her bra aside, she mounts Keni's prick. Screwing round, she rocks back and forth. Kneeing before Keni, Tanya opens her mouth and he shoots his load over her face.

Jasmine and Syren wander across the field next to their cottage intending to do a little sun bathing. They spot Keni under a tree scribbling in his book. Placing a towel by his feet, the girls spread out in their bikinis. Keni moves on. They follow, grabbing his cock when they catch him. The two lick and suck. Syren drops her bikini bottoms, uncovering a triangle of white flesh above her sunburnt legs. Keni laps and fingers. Bending, Jasmine holds her fanny against Keni's face so he can lick. With Jasmine fondling her body, Keni fills Syren from behind. Swapping places, it's Jasmine's turn to have her pussy probed by Keni's prick. She gets Syren to sit on her face. Syren takes her place on the towel. Keni slips in between her legs. Ready to cum, he sprays Syren's tits with spunk. Jasmine massages in his jizz and licks her fingers.

After showing Clark around the stables, Kimberly wakes up in bed beside Faye. She never has any luck with boys. Faye caresses her body to console her. Pulling at their knickers, the girls stroke pussy and play with each other's pert boobs. A knock on the door halts proceedings. Clark has called to see Kimberly. Faye excuses herself and leaves. Sitting on Clark's lap, Kimberly lets him lick at her bare breasts. She moves to suck at his shaft. Clark peels down her panties and the two 69. Lowering herself onto Clark's cock, Kimberly rides him cowgirl. She falls forward to be taken doggy. Kimberly tells Clark she wants to try anal. He eases his dick into her arse spoons as he plays with her pussy. Kimberly's got a liking for it and drops on all fours to be fucked up the bum. Clark cums on her back.

The five girls are out for a walk when they meet Clark, Keni and Steve. The boys know a secluded spot in the woods. As the sun slowly sinks, the group strip off and indulge in cock and pussy sucking. Jasmine, Kimberly and Syren pair up with the boys while Faye and Tanya try some girl-on-girl fun. Changing partners, the mass of bodies rocks and writhes, the camera zooming into and out of the action. With shadows lengthening, the boys shower the girls with their spunk.

A Week In Provence appears to be a film shot with very little planning so far as script or story goes. The linking sections between the scenes, which normally drive the action forward, have little or no relevance to what's gone before or after. At the beginning of the week Syren is alone in her gite while her parents are out. Half way through the holiday she's sharing with four other girls. As with the other holiday based films, Sam Stonehill has attempted a natural look with little or no lighting. In Tanya's midday session with Keni this creates harsh shadows, which make it difficult to see the action. The final scene is also dogged by failing light. On the up side the film does introduce some new girls, but they are let down by mediocre production.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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