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Released: 2007
Director: Joachim Kessef
Notes: Combat Zone
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Running time: 162 mins.

With three scenes shot in Europe and two coming from the US, you could be mistaken for thinking this is two different films as you watch Who's Your Mommie 3. The European scenes featuring Bonny Bon, Winnie and Starr are raunchy affairs, with the girls in their sexy attire. The American stuff is a more reserved 'gonzo' style, still full of action, but not quite so sizzling.

Last girl up is Starr. In her short black dress and stockings, she stands by the fireplace caressing her body. Slowly, she strips. Joachim sits in the corner, cock in hand, as he watches Starr slip a finger into her arse. Heading towards Joachim, Starr stoops to suck at his big black shaft. Standing over him, she lowers her arse onto his erect dick. Boobs swaying, Starr bounces up and down. Joachim's hand reaches round to play with her swollen pussy petals. Climbing off, Starr crams his cock past her tonsils. Turning Starr around, Joachim plunges his prick deep into her pussy from behind. Half closing her eyes, Starr rolls onto her back for the humping to continue. Joachim plunders her pussy and arse. Tears well up as Starr has her throat fucked. She slams the spit covered shaft back into her bum. Starr finishes the scene with her mouth wide open. Taking Joachim's spunk, she smiles.

With such a change in style as the film crosses the Atlantic, you question whether Joachim Kessef directed all of the movie. The US girls Isadora and Tyann Mason look like decent 'middle-aged' women who are out to have fun. While Starr, Bonny Bon and Winnie are 'sexy stunners' who want hard hot action. The European girls win hands down based on the sheer naughtiness of their scenes. Even with the variation in style, this is still a great film and well worth viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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