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Released: 1987, but many or most vignettes shot in the 70s
Director: David Hamilton Grant
Notes: Pink Climax Video, rated 18, it seems probable that hardcore versions were planned for some of the vignettes
  • Heather Deeley plays Eve and the wife of Victor Spinetti's character
Notes and Reviews

Heather Deeley plays two roles -

  • Eve, who tries to persuade Adam to take a bite of an apple. He steadfastly resists until she finally says 'Well, how about a fuck then?' to which he replies 'Now you're talking'.
  • The wife of Victor Spinetti, who gets off by him going out to a phone box to make heavy breathing phone calls to her, but on this particular evening they've forgotten they've made an appointment with a life insurance salesman who arrives just after Spinetti has left, but before he has managed to ring up. She invites him in and he sits next to her on the couch. The phone rings and the dirty phone call (actually just a jumble of indistinguishable words in a rough accent) begins. She undoes her top and begins to get turned on. The salesman notices, asks if he can help, she lets him and they end up having sex (simulated here, but they could easily have shot another scene with another bloke without Spinetti knowing). She dresses hurriedly when she hears the sound of hubby returning.

The first vignette is of a blonde and bloke - chess and footsie. There's also a photographer and model which cuts out just as she undoes his trousers; an artist and three girls; a sepia tinted film set - bed, bloke and blonde; a blonde patient of a male dentist and dental nurse. Lots of vaguely familiar female faces. An Idi Amin sketch with a well-known comedy actor who appeared in Q5 I think. Scene from the Crazy Horse nude show (several clips). All linked by erotic cartoons. Just over an hour in length.

Quite a sexy little film.

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