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Released: 2005
Director: The Abbatoir Brothers
Notes: Abbatoir Films / Rude Britannia
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Males: Demetri, Tony de Serghio, Steve Hooper and Karl Kincaid.

It's dark and cold as Scarlet and Demetri arrive home, but before going inside Demetri drops his trousers so that Scarlet can suck his rock-hard cock. As she does so she rubs her own panties and as she squats, legs apart, she releases a good flow of steaming piss. Although not the car they arrived in, there's a silver BMW in the drive so Scarlet bends over the bonnet and Demitri sucks her pussy. Then, pulling her pants aside, fucks her from behind. As the scene progresses first Demetri then Scarlet undress completely. Fortunately Demetri spreads his faux fur coat on the bonnet, firstly for himself as Scarlet mounts him reverse cowgirl, then for Scarlet as he finishes her off in missionary. Ends with facial.

Tammie is flanked by Tony de Serghio and Steve Hooper as she pees through her pants at the bottom of the garden. The guys give her tits a squeeze, but return to the house to undress and fuck Tammie on a familiar brown leather armchair. Good end to end fucking as we'd expect from these three as Tammie's pussy gets a relentless pounding with the guys managing to get both their lengths' in simultaneously in a missionary/spoons position. Scene ends with consecutive quality facials.

At the start of the third scene Debbie (with long blonde hair here) lies alone on her bed in white underwear and stockings as she talks into a headset. As the scene progresses she is obviously under instruction from an unseen caller who asks her to push four fingers into her pussy. Good dildo action too.

Then, abruptly, Debbie re-enters the room with Karl Kincaid. She now wears just a red top and blue denim skirt and is up for a fuck. Karl quickly undresses and gets his cock sucked. Karl removes Debbie's pants and fucks her missionary after licking her pussy. More good, noisy action, moving through reverse cowgirl and doggy as Debbie loses her top. Then back to mish for a fine, full-length, anal fucking and an equally fine facial.

After taking a quick pee in the bathroom, Fran is joined in the shower by Sandy Style. There is some kissing and fondling, although both girls have their pants on, then they towel dry and move to the bedroom. More mutual pussy licking leads to dildos for both girls and a very abrupt end.

And finally it's nightime again in the garden as Nicolet hitches up her white miniskirt and, sitting astride a chair, pisses through her panties, watched by Steve and Tony. The guys take her inside placing her on the table in one of the Arbiters' stock kitchen locations. Stripping off themselves and removing Nicole's panties they give her a fine end to end fucking which leads, eventually, to cowgirl DP's (both ways) and a fine double facial.

Billed as a film by the Abbatoir Brothers, a new nom-de-cam for Paul and Jamie Arbiter. Familiar style, locations and talent, but none the worse for that as the boys show their talent for shooting couples fucking in an arousing and highly competent way. The night time exteriors are particularly well shot, while Demetri and Scarlet deserve special mention for a hot scene shot naked in sub-zero temperatures. The brothers' obsession with underwear continues with the girls only removing their panties if absolutely necessary and never before pissing.

Shame, then, that the finished film is poorly structured. Missing the conversational interludes between the male talent provided in the Panties series, the film lurches from scene to scene in an unsettling way which is at odds with the brothers' fine cinematography. No extras, no behind the scenes and no on-screen credit for the editor leaves this as a collection of scenes from 2003 and 2004 poorly bolted together. But over two hours of quality porn is well worth 20.

Review by Bayleaf
December 2005

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