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Released: 2005
Director: Dick Logan
Notes: Smash Pictures
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Running time: 122 mins.

White Wife Black Cock 4 follows the fairly standard conventions for this type of film. Young bored housewife is alone at home when the gardener, personal trainer, ice boy etc., calls round and the inevitable happens. This film is however slightly different in its cast, which is truly multinational. Alongside Poppy Morgan are the German Katja Kassin, the French girls Melissa Lauren and Yazmene Milan. They all speak perfect English except Nicole Brazzle, but that's understandable as she comes form Tennessee.

Poppy appears in the third scene. Standing in the kitchen in her lemon top and denim skirt, she fills the kettle for a cuppa when the freezer repair guy turns up (very predictable). Poppy is more interested in getting herself serviced than repairing the ice box. She strips to her heels and takes the guy's cock out. He holds back her hair as she wanks him into her cheek. Dropping to the floor, Poppy rams the saliva covered dick down past her tonsils. Spit runs over her fingers and drips off his balls. She falls back onto the sofa and the guy tongues her pussy. When it's dripping wet, she slides down his big black pole and bounces. When she climbs off, the guy's cock shines with her juices and Poppy licks at it before sticking it in her arse. Between bouts of anal action Poppy tastes herself on the cock and it leaves her bum hole gaping. Moaning and groaning she is taken missionary. She screws herself half off the sofa to be pile driven, the guy plundering her pussy and bum. Flipping herself upright, Poppy grabs the dick and jerks it into her mouth. Spunk drips from her chin.

The scenarios in the film have probably been used a thousand times before and will be again, but they are all well done and the girls are enthusiastic and up for it. Even Nicole who "waans cawk in her hawl" has something about her ... pity she can't speak the language. The film proves that with the right girls giving good performances the simplest things can work.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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