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Released: 2004
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
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Shades of the Gomorrah Club here as the action is set in a casino, but a combination of confusing plot and poor sound make this film much less of a good bet.

While the roulette wheel spins, Jay Scarman is in a bedroom in the casino when Mark Marais delivers Elizabeth Lawrence for a fuck, compliments of the management. Elizabeth starts by sucking Jay's cock then removes her black evening dress and mounts him reverse cowgirl. Meanwhile Mark gets bored minding the door, so he strips and joins in. Unusually Jay seems to lose wood so he gets dressed, leaving Mark to give Elizabeth a hard fucking, including cowgirl anal, ending with a facial. Both guys use condoms.

While his brother gambles, Sheik Anvac (Tony de Serghio) enjoys the other services on offer in his room, namely Roxy Jexel. After delivering her trademark noisy deep-throating, she removes her pants, hitches up her black evening dress and takes Tony's sheathed cock. Sex includes deep doggy anal as Roxy kneels on the bed, naked except for a pair of red high heels. Tony cums over her tits. Fantastic.

Back at the tables Tammie Lee is losing at blackjack to Brett Tracy so takes his black cock instead. Brett fucks Tammie over the card table and the fancy furniture, eventually spurting over her tits. It seems that Tammie is a thief and part of a gang trying to cheat the casino, so the security staff point to the cctv which has just caught her actions on tape.

Security Chief McKenzie Lee has gang boss Tamara Noon in her office to explain the influx of dodgy girls into her casino. A cut of the cards condemns Tamara into having sex with McKenzie, which includes the use of a black strap-on that Tamara takes whole in reverse cowgirl. Tamara responds with a dildo pounding for McKenzie. Plenty of kissing, stroking and licking. Nice scene.

By the roulette table, Jay meets Keira who just wants a fuck. After some noisy cock-sucking, Keira bends over the table, pulls her little black dress up and her little black pants aside so that Jay can plunge in. Reverse cowgirl on a leather chair then, on her back, Keira spreads her legs from rouge to noir on the table for a deep shagging. Ends with a facial.

Good video with some attempt at a plot, but this is let down by poor sound quality when dialogue germane to the action is delivered. So much so that the plot I have just described may not be the right one at all! The high standard of set, costume, makeup and lighting only serve to emphasise the sound failure. In the casino scenes there are plenty of extras at the gambling tables, including girls such as Tia Sassoon, but these all fade away once the sex starts, which is a shame.

As usual the girls are immaculate, dressed to thrill in black dresses which often stay on and featuring some of Britporn's finest in Tammie, Roxy and Keira. Condoms are used in a couple of scenes, which certainly seem to hamper the performances of Jay and Tony. Good, but judged by Relish's high standards, disappointing.

Review by Bayleaf

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