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Released: 2004
Director: El Roberto
Notes: Simon Wolf
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Running time: 102 mins.

Wet Teens 3 is one of Jamie Brooks's earler American films and gives a chance to watch her in action pre-breast enhancement. The film has five decent-length boy/girl scenes. Starring alongside Jamie are the US girls Briana Blaze, Ariana Jollee, Jenifer Luv and Jynx, all of whom claim to be just teenagers!!

The film opens with Jamie. In a flower-filled room she sits in her floral pink underwear. Frank Gunn sits beside her, his hands wandering over her body. Jamie delves into his trousers, pulls out his cock and starts to jerk him off. Her tongue flicks the head of his manhood. Knickers off, she kneels, rubbing hard on her clit as she swallows dick. The pair move to the sofa to 69, Frank taking lingering licks at her pussy. Jamie slides down his body, slipping his cock into her saliva soaked hole. Her juices ooze down his shaft as they fuck. Frank slaps her bum, making her cheeks rosy red. Spinning through 180 degrees, Jamie holds herself above Frank's cock. He thrusts deep into her pussy making her tits jolt with each stroke. The two roll over and Jamie moans as Frank jabs doggy style. Frank spatters Jamie's face with his cream as she lies open-mouthed and tongue out.

Beautifully shot and lit by Jack Remy, the scenes flow seamlessly from beginning to end. OK some of the girls may be in their 20's and the action may get a little repetitive, but this is still a wonderfully crafted film with five very good girls.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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