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Released: 2003
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish / Tongue in Cheek
Alternate Titles
  • Armee der Lust Tabu
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Relish.

Bayleaf's view:

C.O. Tony de Serghio has found Private Angel-Long guilty of dereliction of duty and orders her to be shot by Frazer Fox and Brett Tracy. Angel demands a last request, which is the lads' trucheon meat, sah! Frazer and Brett oblige and, once the cock-sucking begins, Tony joins the party and claims the right to be the first up Angel's pussy. Angel starts the scene in a string vest and camouflage thong, but loses the thong along the way. Sex with all three guys follows including cowgirl dps. At the end, the guys stand to attention in line and deliver three facials.

Sergeant Belle and Private Sasha Paris are out on manoeuvres, dressed in fetching khaki shorts and bras. They find a clearing and the urge for sex takes over. After much fingering, they locate a mortar-shaped dildo which Sasha can't get Belle to accommodate. Belle does have a military issue strap-on complete with camouflage-style webbing and dildo, which she uses to good effect on Sasha's pussy and bum.

Pete le Meat is involved in a firefight when he's injured. He calls for a medic; Taylor Morgan answers the call and discovers a swelling in Pete's trousers. She takes the swelling in her mouth, then slips out of her trousers and takes it in her pussy. The pair move to doggy then missionary positions and while still under fire, Pete manages to get off a few rounds while staying on the job. Despite mortar fire, the couple manage anal reverse cowgirl and A2M in the dugout. Pete then stands to deliver his final shots over a cowering Taylor and is shot dead for his trouble. The scene ends with Taylor covering his body.

Parachutist Mark Sloan has landed off the drop zone and, having stashed his canopy, hides amongst some straw bales as Karina Clarke and Jessica Love wander through the cornfields. Much to Mark's amazement the two girls start kissing and fondling above him. Waiting for the girls to get worked up, Mark introduces himself as rear-gunner Bob Lancaster (in best RAF accent) to which Karina cries "Ooh la la". So we're in France then.

Jessica releases Mark's 220mm canon from his flying suit and after some oral greasing from both girls Karina climbs aboard cowgirl and Jessica sits on his face. Positions are swapped when Jessica takes up a reverse cowgirl position. Karina gets fucked doggy style while sucking Jessica's pussy and, once again, positions are swapped putting Jessica in the firing line before Mark shoots over both girls' faces.

Sergeant Steve Hooper is berating Privates Alyssa Jenkins and Demetri in a field tent, describing them as a 'shagging disgrace'. Eager to improve, Alyssa takes first Steve's cock then Demetri's in her mouth. Next, stripped down to her beret and pants, she has her pussy attacked by Demetri with a shell-shaped dildo.

After this limbering up, Alyssa is instructed to bend over and take Steve's weapon from behind while sucking Demetri. She then takes Demetri on the ground, before giving a virtuoso performance with both dildos, taking the mortar-shaped one (which previously defeated Belle) right up the bum and the other in her pussy. All three combatants get down on the ground for a cowgirl dp. The scene ends with Alyssa on her back and holding her legs open while both guys cum over her pussy.

Weapons is another fine film from Relish, who combine hot sex with excellent production values. Worthy of special mention is the sound, even in long shots the dialogue is clear and they've added plenty of fx in the battle scenes.

An alternative view from BFU:

Five scenes based around a military theme. Some unusual 'military' type toys are used [www.eros-uk.co.uk]. As well as Relish regulars, there are some new girls. Looks like it was filmed in a paintball park, as the weapons used seem to be paint ball guns.

Scene 1. (23 mins)

Angel, in an olive string vest and shorts, sandy hi-heeled ankle boots, and sporting a 'Brazilian', is Pvt. Sauce, who has been found guilty of 'double-dealing and deception' and now faces a firing squad - Pvts. Flute & Moon [Frazer & Brett Tracy]. In charge is Capt. Flash-Flies [Toni de Sergio]; he denies her last request for a fag, but truncheon meat is another matter.

The two privates are soon standing and at 'attention' as Sauce squats and gives them a sucking and wanking. "Give me that swagger stick", shouts Sauce, so Flash-Flies joins in for some oral fun with the privates. Sauce is now lent over a stack of tyres, her 'camo' g-string pulled to one side, and Flash-Flies fucks her from behind, briefly stopping as Sauce gives him some oral [C2M]. Flute takes over, and Sauce soon tells him to pull her long blonde hair. Another brief stop for C2M, then she's fucked again. Flute and Moon lay down, and Sauce mounts Flute for a r.c/g, her vest pulled up over her petite, firm breasts. Again a brief C2M oral, before continuing the r.c/g. Moon stands next to them for a BJ. Sauce then lies next to Flute, giving him a BJ, while Flash-Flies fucks her in a spoons position. The Captain now fucks her in a r.c/g, as the privates stand for BJ's. Next, Sauce is in a c/g, bent over Flute, as Flash-Flies joins them and fucks her in the arse in a DP. The two guys swap places. The three soldiers line up, wanking. Sauce moves along the line as they cum into her mouth and she licks them clean.

Scene 2. (17 mins)

Cpl. Dipstick [Sasha Paris] - in a 'camo' bra and g-string, an olive skirt and wearing hiking boots, with a tuft of hair above her pussy - and Maj. Plonker [Belle] - in a string strapped olive top, 'camo' g-string and shorts, with black calf length boots and a 'Brazilian' - are on a map reading exercise. The corporal thinks they are lost - an officer and a map are a dangerous thing. Entering a clearing, Belle orders the Cpl. to "get on the floor and eat me". Blonde Plonker, with her shorts down, has her orders obeyed, as brunette Dipstick pulls the Major's g-string aside and eats her pussy. Plonker stands with one foot up on a metal tank, as Dipstick gently tongues her, then standing, kisses and fingers Plonker, who's top has been pulled up to expose her pert breasts. Dipstick's bra now removed and her skirt pushed up, is fingered by Plonker and kisses her and licks her nipples. Dipstick now with her foot on the tank, is licked out, her g-string pulled aside. Then Plonker has her panties pulled off, and with her foot up on the tank, is licked, before an olive 'mortar' shaped dildo is used on her pussy, while Dipstick kisses and kneads the Major's buttocks and Belle plays with her own tits. Plonker cums as Dipstick strokes her tits and pushes the dildo in and out of her.

Dipstick is leaning up against a wall, hands outstretched. Plonker wearing a 'camo' strap-on fucks Dipstick and briefly slaps her bum. The major is very pleased with her corporal and is to give her a five star report, suggesting she could be a general by the end of the week. There is a change to anal penetration and Plonker's top has gone; Dipstick cums and the pair walk off, naked, and with their arms around each other.

Scene 3. (20 mins)

Lt. Lightweight [Pete le Meat], is firing at the enemy and is hit. Calling for a medic, Nurse Dish [Taylor Morgan] arrives, and checks him over. She decides that his 'treatment' requires a BJ and a firm wanking. This is not sufficient and with her trousers off and her camo g-string to one side - this seems to be regulation female underwear - he is mounted in a c/g, and soon with her olive shirt removed, Lightweight plays with her large breasts. Now naked except for her DMS boots and on all fours, he seems well enough to fuck her. She is then lying on her back, with her legs back against her body, he continues to fuck her, as she rubs her cunt. As the enemy is close by, he fires at them. He is now on his back and Dish climbs on for an anal r.c/g, as he plays with her breasts and pussy, with a brief BJ [A2M], before again dismounting and giving a longer BJ. The lieutenant stands and wanks at the enemy, ejaculating over his nurse, just as he is shot. Now dead, she covers him with an olive sheet, and naked, walks away.

Scene 4. (21 mins)

Rear-Gunner Bob Lancaster [P.K.] has just landed, after bailing out of his aircraft. He hides his parachute and himself in a stack of hay bails. A pair of blonde 'peasant' girls [Jo-Lee, in a white dress and shocking pink and white 'Union Flag' panties, covering her completely shaven pussy, and Jessica Love, in a short yellow dress, pink lacy panties and specs], walk by and stop, sitting on the bails. They start to kiss and pull the tops of their dresses down, so they can kiss and caress each other's breasts and pussies. Bob has been watching and they soon notice him. Introducing himself, he opens his flight suit. I've seen him in several films and this is the first that he talks, and in a 'posh' voice. The girls' together, and taking turns, lick and suck his cock. Jessica squats astride his face, her sparse blonde thatch visible and holding her panties to one side, receives a licking, while Jo-Lee goes in for a c/g - then they kiss each other. Swapping over, except in a r.c/g; Jo-Lee takes off her dress. Now both naked, and the airman just in a string vest, Jessica lays on the bails so Jo-Lee can lick and finger her and as she is bent over she is fucked from behind. Soon the girls swap places. The segment ends with the girls kneeling and receiving a combined facial.

Scene 5. (27 mins)

Sergeant Shrapnel [Steve Hooper] leads Privates Shower and Shapely [Demetri and Alyssa Jenkins] in a military chant about 'fisting' in a tent, before an instructional session on ordinance. The sergeant calls them a "shagging disgrace" and tells blonde Shapely - her long hair tied back in a 'knot' - to "drop and give me twenty" - which seems to be a military code for a blow job. Shower joins them, and after a while she concentrates on the private, as Shrapnel wanks himself. Shapely takes off her 'camo' jacket, she is naked underneath and we see her large breasts - which are among the most natural looking enhanced breasts I've seen - and she again works on both the men. Shower rubs and hits her breasts with his cock as Shrapnel continues being sucked.

The privates are now being instructed on the new ordinance. Sitting, Shapely has a grenade shaped dildo rubbed on her bald pussy by Shower, her olive lacy panties pulled to one side. This does not seem to do the job and is replaced with a 'mortar' shaped one, which is again replaced, this time by a 'scud' dildo and she is vigorously fucked with it. Shower pulls her panties down, and Shapely - her hair now loose - is on all fours and being fucked by her sergeant, while Shower, standing along side, is licked and sucked. Shower lays on the floor and Shapely fucks him in a r.c/g.

Shapely is now laying on the ground and sucking the 'mortar', fucking herself with the 'scud'. Then she sucks the 'scud' and fucks her arse with the 'mortar'. It's impressive how much she stretches her anal ring with the thick dildo. Squatting, with the 'mortar' in her arse and the 'scud' in her pussy, she bounces up and down, fucking herself.

Shrapnel announces it's time for "Operation Pork Sword". Shower, laying down, is mounted by Shapely in a c/g, leaning forward over him. They are joined by Shrapnel for a DP. With Shapely on her back, her legs pulled back, Shower then Shrapnel wank over her and deposit their sperm on her pussy.

This military themed film from Relish is excellent - like their other recent films. They have improved over time from the very good earlier films. The script is as corny as ever, with the 'school boy' military phrases, in a 'seaside postcard' sort of way, adding a humorous touch which is typically British. Though what other nationalities - especially Americans - would make of it, I don't know. The delivery of dialogue has steadily improved, with the cast keeping in character. Well done Relish. And as usual the girls are gorgeous. The DVD has a slide show, trailers, and scene selection.

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