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Released: 2002
Director: Jim Powers
Notes: Heatwave
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Running time: 103 mins.

A spoof of the hit film Men in Black, agents Ayana and Katie Morgan, attired in secret service dark suits and sunglasses, set out to save the world from alien invasion.

Landing in a hick farm in the back of beyond, the slimy creature from out of space morphs into the first thing it sees - a picture of Flick Shagwell. In a short, purple, PVC outfit and white boots, Flick's hypnotic charms soon entice the farmer. Her plan of shagging the world into submission can now start. She orders the local yokel to start sucking pussy. He drops to his knees and obeys. Pushed back onto a bale of straw, Flick sets to on his dick, filling her mouth before riding it reverse. Spreading her legs, Flick eases the prick into her arse. Dropping onto her side, the pair shag spoons in the straw. After coating her tongue in cum, Flick has no more use for the farmer. He dissolves into a pile of green goo.

Ayana and Katie are soon on the trail, stopping only to fuck their informants.

After a long and slightly pointless chase through a large empty office, where the three teeter along in their heels, Ayana and Katie catch up with Flick. The girls think a little lesbian lust will put paid to her dreams of world domination. Yanking Flick's skirt down, Katie moves for her pussy while Ayana attacks her tits. The girls swap places. Flick's tongue dances over the agents' pussies. With a bronze vibrator in hand, the girls don their strap-ons. Flick continues licking as her pussy and arse are penetrated. The girls hard hammering gets Flick going wild. She explodes with excitement, leaving the world a safer place.

Watching this film, you get the impression the writers and director only had enough material for half a film and padded the movie out to 100 minutes by inserting scenes and action which have nothing to do with the plot. A further five minute is spent in the chase sequence which sees Ayana, Flick and Katie running along endless corridors - all just filler. What action there is is good, but overall it's a disappointing film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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