< Wet Dreams 11: Barely Legal British Wenches

Released: 2001
Notes and Reviews

or Wet Dreams 11: Sex Around the World

Introduced and linked by Karina Currie

  • Georgette Neale (post enhancement) and Steve Hooper on the battlements of Hadlow Castle, in a field and then in the tower room. The usual tonsil-free deep throat, RC and doggy anal, facial.
  • Amira Love (credited as Sonia Nasr here) and Mark Denon in a conservatory, doggy anal, facial.
  • Tori Kemp with a bloke not seen before (boyfriend?) to closed-mouth facial.
  • Rebekah Jordan and Ian Tate on the seafront and on the cliff-top at Dover, then in a hotel room, to facial.
  • Karina Currie and Ava Shannon (credited as Amy but referred to as Natalie), lez.

Produced by Rebecca Lord and Nasty Pixx - the former has had a positive influence on the latter as a bit more imagination is shown in the scenarios (though not much). In terms of public sex, not nearly as daring as One-Eyed Jack, Vinnie Curran, Marino or even Tamara.

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