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Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Phil McCavity.

Scene one gets top marks - and not only for showing Melissa Walker in boy/girl action. This Patsy Kensit look-alike appears here as Louise and has supposedly written to Phil McCavity saying that she wants anal sex and that her boyfriend (whom we never see) wants to watch her at it. She says she fancies the bloke in the carpet shop and the scene begins with her striding up to him as he stands in front of the rolls of carpet, tearing his trousers open and going down on him. They then go through the usual series of positions very energetically until we see a close-up of him with two fingers up her backside. Reverse cowgirl anal then follows, but we do not see a medium-distance shot. This is regrettable as it is sexier to see the whole body and face included in a hard core shot of any kind, but especially when a sceptic might think that a body double was being used. In spite of this, however, it is a great scene and it ends with a facial.

The second scene has Erika Winstanley doing the decorating and being interrupted by Sienna who admires the view up the ladder. A lesbian scene develops featuring strap-ons. Lesbian scenes are not my preference but these are two great-looking girls and fans of lesbian scenes will enjoy this one.

This is one of Phil McCavity's R18 releases which features new stuff. I hope he maintains this standard.

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