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Released: 1994 (2005 for DVD)
Director: Jean-Pierre Ferrand
Notes: LBO
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Running time: 85 mins.

Why Things Burn comes from a time where the girls had large hair-dos and even larger shoulder pads. A very young looking Roxanne Hall appears alongside some of the biggest stars of the early 90's - Alex Jordan, Tyfanny Million and Debi Diamond.

The plot for the film is corny and paper thin. After a number of years Alex Jorden hunts out her old boyfriend Marc Wallice and finds him married to Sally Laid. In a series of flash backs, the three relive the loves and rivalry of the missing years.

Roxanne appears in a three-way lesbian scene with Alex and Sally. Typically for a film from this period, the scene is shot under pinky/mauve light which turns the girls a strange reddish colour. It is also obvious from the green grass-looking rug that the three perform on that no expense has been made on the shoot. For most of the scene Roxanne lies back and is very much fanny fodder for the two main stars. They prod and poke her with their tongues before eventually letting her taste pussy. With Alex using a strap-on on Sally, Roxanne slips a toy between her legs as a side show.

Time has done this film no favours, the settings and style of production looking very dated. Why Things Burn may have come from the dying days of the so called "Golden Age" of American porn, but it's clear this is no forgotten classic.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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