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Released: 2011
Director: Spunk L. Davis, Laverne Valdez
Notes: Viv Thomas
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 92 mins.

Shot in Portugal during 2010, Vera Unleashed On Location follows the sexy blonde and her girl/girl escapades in a series of 'behind the scenes' scenarios.

After putting on her make-up, Marlyn relaxes on the bed in striped lingerie, readying herself for her first 'Viv Thomas' scene. Vera joins her in the bedroom and the wine starts to flow. The two chat about on and off screen sex and their encounters with other girls. Leaning forward, the girls' lips meet and hands are placed on breasts. Soon they are sucking at each other's boobs. Marlyn flops back, letting Vera lick at her knickers. Stripped, the pair press their bodies together. Rubbing her pussy against Marlyn's thigh, Vera moves to lick her snatch. She eases three of her fingers between Marlyn's legs. Rolling over, Marlyn laps at the blonde's pussy and probes at her arse. Caressing one another, the girls kiss. Marlyn is ready for her scene.

Natalia lies on the bed reading a magazine when Vera knocks on the door. She drags a case into the room which the two girls are going to share. Stripping, Natalia prepares for her next shoot as she pulls on her clothes. Vera gives a flash of her new boobs. Returning to the bedroom some time later, it's clear Natalia is a little upset. She feels the girl she was appearing with wasn't really interested. Vera perks her up by telling Natalia she finds her sexy. The two girls kiss. Lifting out Vera's boobs, Natalia runs her studded tongue over her nipples and gives them a suck. Slipping off her panties, she lies back to let Vera lick and finger her hole. Kissing, the girls' tongues meet. Vera pulls at her tight black trousers to let Natalia at her cit. Opening her legs, Vera's pussy and arse look inviting. Natalia fingers her room mate. They embrace. The session with Vera has certainly cheered Natalia up.

The remaining three scenes in the film are shot in a similar vogue, with the last two being subtitled. As with other Viv Thomas productions, Vera Unleashed On Location is a 'touchy feely' sort of film, with carefully shot girl-on-girl action. Those who are looking for a more tender touch will find watching it a good way to unwind.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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