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Released: 2011
Notes: Your Choice
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DVD  17.50 GBP Your Choice: Your Choice Viewers' Wives #59 Your Choice Productions 8
   20.00 GBP British Porn: Viewer's Wives 59 Your Choice Productions 6
   20.00 GBP SimplyPornDVD: Viewer's Wives 59 Your Choice Productions 1
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Notes and Reviews

Blonde Evey shows off her slim flawless body on the studio sofa. Fingers and a decent-sized dildo do the rest.

Sammie fingers her bum and pussy before pushing a dildo right up her pussy while making appreciative noises. Grainy quality and 5x4 format suggest this is an older scene.

Jade & Nicola
Dusky beauties perform naked on a bed together. There's fingers and dildos but no chemistry.

Axa & Nicola
Axa is discovered by the housemaid on the bed with a dildo up her pussy. Cue older and curvier Axa (oh those nipples) teaching Nicola the joys of sapphic sex. Long varied scene includes wild use of a double-ender, pissing into plastic cups and shoving both pairs of pants into each other's pussies. Very good crisp and clear scene.

Kirk and Kate
A Barry video with a set up. Woody, playing Kate's husband, leaves her alone with birthday boy Kirk for some fun. The pair are soon pretty much naked and fucking on the sofa. Dunno whether what follows is normal for this couple, or just for the presence of the camera but Katie soon squirts all over Kirk's cock doggy-style as the pair pant and gasp through the scene. Fantastic doggy-style creampie leaves Kate's thighs quivering and pussy dripping.

Hannah & Dean
Hannah is a tall young mum with a voluptuous figure. She's lying on a hotel bed when Dean enters and they undress to have sex. Clearly filmed, Dean's condom-clad cock fucks Hannah in all positions as the sunlight streams through a window. Good scene.

Claudia & Woody
More acting from Woody (the clue is in the name). This time he affects an accent when meeting mature Asian-looking Claudia in a hotel room. A fair amount of foreplay takes place before mature Claudia sinks her furry pussy on to Woody's cock. Well filmed with good positions. Woody goes balls-deep into Claudia's pussy, which is raised on a pillow, until she overflows with his spunk.

Shelly and Paul
Paul undresses slim perky-titted young mum Shelly in front of Barry's camera. The chatty and fun pair enjoy several positions on a bed before Paul explodes over Shelly's back.

Mae and Matt
Barry films as Matt and small, curvy Mae undress and fuck on a bed. The sex is precise and cautious as though the pair are afraid Matt's cock might break, or Mae's pussy might split. Enormous cumshot over Mae's belly to finish.

Kim, Roxy and Tony (Bonus Winner)
Kim and Roxy soon have black dude Tony naked and his cock in their mouths. Plenty of foreplay before Tony slips his condom-sheathed cock into Roxy. There follows some decent sex on the armchair and floor. Kim stays engaged throughout but avoids Tony's cock until he comes between her tits. Kim's reward is a session with John in the bedroom, while Roxy provides extra stimulation with a dildo (This is the 10" cock scene on Kim's website).

Sophie, Geoff & Miles (Bonus Winner)
Sophie enjoys the attentions of an older Geoff and younger Miles as they quickly strip her down to black thigh boots and stockings. Sophie's fine mature body is fucked first by Geoff and then Miles in several positions on the bed. Both men come over Sophie's excellent tits and furry pussy in this top scene.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2012

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