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Released: 2009
Director: Taryn Thomas, Poppy Morgan
Notes: Taryn It Up Entertainment
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Running time: 91 mins.

Seeing Poppy Morgan's name as co-director, you might expect a film which has the light-hearted look and feel of her PMP (Poppy Morgan Productions) films, but Vogue Nasty couldn't be further removed. In a basic brick studio with only a mattress and sofa for the set, Bobbi Starr, Veronica Jett, Taryn Thomas and Poppy Morgan run through a series of mechanical sex sessions which lack any sort of feeling or interplay between the performers.

Pulling at her turquoise panties, Poppy fingers her pussy and arse as she stands against the bare brick wall. A guy wanders into shot and drops his pants. Poppy stoops to suck at his cock. The word 'Missionary' flashes across the screen and Poppy is on her back with the guy banging away. 'Doggy' is the next word to appear and Poppy is seen on all fours. 'Anal' appears on the screen and a dick is rammed up Poppy's bum as the guy shags her spoons. 'Pile Driver' pops up and without any explanation Poppy is upside down being filled. Finally, 'Facial' comes up and Poppy takes a load over her lips.

Identically dressed in pink basques, Poppy and Taryn kiss on the sofa. Following a caption, the girls plug each other with a double-ended dildo. More slogans appear on the screen as a black vibe is stuffed into Poppy's arse. She adds the heel of her shoe to her pussy. Another legend and Taryn is pushed back on the sofa with a toy between her legs. The scene ends with Poppy being pile-driven in her gaping arse.

Poorly conceived and badly executed, Vogue Nasty is a pain to watch. The scenes are interrupted by unnecessary captions and there's no flow to the action. There is absolutely no interaction between the performers apart from the very perfunctory sex. The gaps of blank nothingness between the scenes give you enough time to wonder why you are watching the film. Even with stars such as Bobbi Starr and Poppy appearing, Vogue Nasty is woeful.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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