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Released: 2009
Director: Sam Stonehill
Notes: Film Erotica
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Running time: 126 mins.

With the same cast and set in the same location, Film Erotica's Villa Toscana could be seen as Made in Italy part 2. The five girls and three guys continue mixing sightseeing and sunbathing with sex, under the clear Italian skies.

Wandering back from the local village, Katie, Jasmine, Theo and Rubie stop in a field to admire the view. Before long they're admiring each other's bodies. They head for the villa where Ellena is doing a spot of topless sunbathing by the pool. The girls strip and join her on the lounger, licking and biting at her boobs. The group finger and lap at pussy in the open air. Katie gets her arse spanked by Ellena, then takes her finger and tongue up her bum. Pouring wine over pussies and boobs, the gang lick and lap. Worked up into a frenzy, Ellena squirts over Katie. The pouring of more wine is accompanied by much poking and prodding of pussies and arses. With no toys to hand, Katie uses the empty bottle on Ellena while Jasmine and Rubie bring Theo to climax.

Out for a drive, Theo stops to pick up hitch hiker Steve. She takes him back to the villa. Sitting in her bedroom, Theo tells Steve that she's still a virgin. Fondling her boobs through her sequined cerise bra, Steve will soon sort that out. Her skirt falls to the floor. She lies back and pulls down her knickers to be licked. Steve's tongue and fingers dart and dance over her pussy. Pulling out Steve's cock, Theo wanks it between her lips. He flops back on the bed, letting her mount his manhood. Undoing Theo's bra, Steve plays with her boobs as she rides him. She falls back to be fucked missionary. The two roll over in the mess of bedding. With Theo face down, Steve pumps into her pussy. She turns to take his cum on her tits.

After watching Clark and Steve play tennis, the girls dive into the pool to cool off. The boys follow soon after. Bikini tops off, Theo and Katie move off together while Steve and Clark nibble at Rubie and Jasmine's boobs. Lifting Rubie onto the edge of the pool, Steve parts her legs and laps at her pussy. Along the pool, Clark does something similar with Jasmine. Katie and Theo splash in the water as the boys lick them. Out of the pool, Jasmine and Rubie fill their faces with dick, while Katie and Theo watch on from the diving board. Rubie slides herself down on to Clark's cock. Next to her, Jasmine is on all fours being fucked, doggy. Spread out on a green and white lounger, Rubie gets laid missionary. Jasmine gets some of the same treatment from Clark. The guys and girls swap partners, daisy-chaining as they suck at cheb and pussy. Katie and Theo leave the two couples shagging. The boys shoot their loads over the girls' pussies.

Arriving at the Villa, Ellena pops into the kitchen to see what Keni is cooking, but she's more interested in his cock than what's in the pots. Squeezing her tits together in her polka-dot dress, Ellena places Keni's hand on her tits and unzips his pants. Kneeling, she pulls out his prick and runs her tongue over its length. Pulling down Ellena's black lace panties, Keni imbibes at her shaven snatch and eases in a finger or two. Ellena's bra off, he grabs at her breasts as his dick enters her pussy. Bending forward, Ellena's boobs brush against the kitchen work top as she's taken from behind. The two drop to the floor where she sits on Keni's cock. Moaning, she moves his manhood into her arse. The girls pop their heads round the corner to see Ellena on all fours being banged hard up the bum. Keni pulls out and fires his jizz over Ellena's back.

Out in the fields, Clark is tending to the olive trees while the girls watch him as they sunbathe. Jasmine appears with a bottle of pure olive. The girls crowd round Clark and massage it into his body. Stripped, the five smear themselves with oil, then coat Clark's cock and balls. They tug and pull at the glistening shaft. Ellena runs the oily dick over her boobs then, placing Clark on a rug, the girls slip and slide over his body. Katie slips into the background as more oil is poured over the heaving mass. Rubie sits on Clark's prick while Jasmine spreads her pussy over his face. Katie adds some oil to Theo as she takes her place on Clark's cheb and Rubie rubs the trickle of oil over his balls. Finally, Ellena gets a chance to ride before Clark fucks Jasmine, doggy. The girls lap and paw at their slippery pussies, making Ellena squirt. She slides beneath the bonking Jasmine and caresses Clark's balls. Jerking away at Clark's length, he covers the girls in cum.

If you take Villa Toscana as having a story line, then it doesn't make much sense. But if it's viewed as a series of vignettes, shot with the villa and surrounding Italian countryside as the backdrop, then the five scenes each make excellent watching. Ellena puts in a series of strong performances, both when working alone with Keni as well as in the group of girls. And Katie K is more to the fore than she was in Made in Italy. Overall, Villa Toscana is an enjoyable evening's viewing from Sam Stonehill and the production team at Film Erotica.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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