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Released: 2007
Notes: Your Choice
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Fuck me! Your Choice has pushed the boat out for this Golden Jubilee edition, with twenty fine scenes and a four hour running time. Not only has the quality of filming improved over the years, but virtually all the scenes are, to overuse an adjective, hot. The format has changed a little with the solo and girl/girl stuff evenly distributed, allowing Crystel-Lei and Loz's scene to get bonus billing. Despite the length and number of scenes, this programme does not rely overly on pro clips. Although, the likes of Jane, Laura and Kelly could be earning their livings in the business. Well done YC. Here's to the next 50!

Sindi and Laura
Looking like it's shot in the UK, this girly fun between two American models gets serious when, after some kissing, licking and vibro work, Sindi / Laura dons a heavy duty strap-on and gives Sindi / Laura the sort of feelings you just can't fake. The scene concludes with a shared shower. (They both look familiar, but I can't place them).

Very good looking, dark-black girl with a curvy figure, masturbates on a bed naked and uses a small vibro. Looks not unlike Ebony [2] but described by YC as Sri Lankan.

Juile and Chris (sic)
This mature couple give a bravura demonstration of how to film yourself fucking in a way that makes watching interesting. Well built, bespectacled, Julie strips for her man, in a hotel room with a four-poster bed, then sucks and fucks him on the chair and bed. The mix of static and handheld camera work is edited together very well. Shame about the low light levels and thus poor picture quality.

Jane and Miles
Looking like a genuine couple, brunette Jane has the sort of curvy body, tight arse and willing attitude that makes this scene a belter. Filmed in natural light on a black sofa, the naked couple fuck in missionary and doggy, surrounded by family photos. Ends with a good facial and a cuddle.

Michelle and Chris
Walking in the country, Michelle and Chris find a quiet glade to undress and fuck. Michelle gets a hard fucking in missionary and doggie, including anal doggie, as the camera switches between very long shots and close-ups. Ends with facial.

Sarah and Pete
Pete already has his face buried in Sarah's naked pussy as the scene opens. Pretty blonde Sarah then gets her trim figure fucked, and tries her best to perform for the camera. Nice natural scene of a couple enjoying themselves at home in the bedroom.

Mary and Jerry
Jerry films pretty, slim, blonde Jerry partly undressing and sucking his cock before fixing the camera at the bottom of the bed to shoot themselves having sex. Poor picture quality and extended action in one position makes fast forward a requirement. But Mary gets deeply fucked as her fanny farts. Ultimately, it kinda fizzles out.

Sophie and Geoff
This life-affirming scene sees buxom blonde forty-something Sophie fuck hubby Geoff with obvious enjoyment on both sides. The couple carefully undress each other, leaving Sophie in stockings and boots, then after quick oral, Geoff plunges in for some missionary on the sofa. Reverse cowgirl and spoons for the camera, ending with a cum shot over Sophie's neatly trimmed pussy.

Tracey and Shay
Tracey Lain and Shay Hendrix, dressed as naughty schoolgirls, have come to Freddie to get their punishment. Freddie has to closely check their clothing... The tights and panties are not regulation. He gives the girls detention work, but cant stop feeling them up, which leads him to slipping his hands down their panties. Sex follows as Freddie fucks the partly clothed girls in doggie and cowgirl, before moving to missionary to fuck Tracey's arse. All the time, Freddie keeps up constant chat. The scene ends with the girls sucking Freddie off.

Stylish and mature redhead Lara pleasures herself with a vibrator, as she lies on a sofa in just her panties until she comes. Part way through the almost static shot, the action cuts to Lara without her panties but with a suspender belt. She's kneels with her back to us before returning to the original position for an authentic climax. This dreadful edit and poor positioning casts doubt on whether it's the same woman.

Kim and Lee
Kimberley calls on Lee because her car's broken down. She was on her way to a party, which explains the short skirt, fishnet stockings and no knickers. After a piss in the bathroom and a coffee, Lee has the car fixed. Kimberley takes him to the bedroom for his reward. Good hard fucking follows in all positions on the brass bed. The scene ends with facial.

Nicola and Anita
Lolita and Chelsea indulge in some girl/girl action with a big pink dildo, in a scene from John Mason's archive. Probably shot at the same time as their scene with Pascal in Starfucks. Pretty girls and some good hardcore action.

Leeds lass Angie has come to Calvin in Birmingham so that he can show her the real meaning of the Black Country. Dressed in black basque, stockings and boots, blonde and buxom Angie takes on four guys with obvious pleasure all round. There follows some end-to-end stuff on the sofa and floor before the guys cum over her face in turn.

Sophie and Sean
On a bed, young Sophie gets fucked by a much older Sean. No intro, no dialogue, the scene continues in silence as Sophie is undressed and fucked in most positions using a condom. Despite pretty blonde Sophie having a tidy figure, there is no chemistry and the scene is hugely disappointing. Particularly as it is filmed with the curtains closed. Sophie's ordeal finally ends with a cum shot over her tits.

Laura and Matt
Blonde Laura, sporting a slim, toned, tanned and seriously enhanced figure, has come for a job interview. Matt needs to be sure that she can provide the extra he needs. They undress so that Matt can push his fingers up Laura's pussy. Matt sits while married Laura sucks cock, then she mounts him cowgirl. Then there's reverse cowgirl and missionary on the desk, vibrators and a cum shot over her bum. The jobs her's. Matt is a pro model and if this woman isn't a professional, then someone sign her up - fast.

Sarah Jane
In the peace of the countryside, interrupted only by the constant chirrup of birds, jet planes and the roar of traffic, Sarah lays out a blanket. She undresses to her black stockings while holding a celebrity photo of 'Kelly'. She pulls out a massive rubber phallus and, lying on her back, stuffs the rubber in her pussy. She mutters to herself, then tries a few other positions and orifices until, satisfied, the scene ends.

Honey and Tony
The camera follows Honey (Naomi) to a quiet part of an industrial estate where, hidden by an articulated lorry, she flashes her bum and tits for the cameraman. A lurker in an England shirt is called over and is invited to grope Honey and lick her pussy. Honey sucks Tony's cock. There's enough time to slip her a length from behind before returning home, where Honey, dressed in black hold-ups, is fucked on a bed.

Kim's Party
Kim's air hostess party is a bonus winner. Kim and three of her chunky mates, dressed as airline personnel, do a bit of girl-on girl-action for the boys, stripping to their lingerie as they go. Eventually, the guys join in and most of the fleshy females are fucked. The scene ends with facials. It's good to see a sex party with everyone having a laugh.

Crystel and Loz
The second bonus winner is Crystel-Lei and Loz. Without bothering to undress, the girls attack each other's pussies with some gusto, using tongues, fingers and dildos. The action moves from a sofa, to the floor, to the bathroom. The girls end up just in their stockings. Certainly, hard action. Certainly, professional models professionally shot. But not, I think, worthy of a bonus when compared to other scenes.

Kelly and Stuart
Third bonus winners Kelly and Stuart are, by their own admission, porn virgins. Although Kelly has the looks and the figure that suggests work elsewhere. Kelly, stripped to her fishnets, sucks Stuart's decent sized cock then mounts him cowgirl on the red sofa. An excellent reverse cow girl follows, then spoons and doggy for anal. The scene ends with a massive facial.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2008

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