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Released: 2006
Notes: Your Choice
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BBW Debbie strips naked on a double bed and pushes the contents of Anne Summers dildo department up her fanny, much to her delight. A lot of flesh, but taut enough still to be sexy.

Ruth & Lisa
Young mums with model-girl looks while away school time dildoing each other. Pretty undies and black stockings and a double ender put to complete use face to face and bum to bum. Both girls use strap-ons on each other in several different positions. Nice.

Karen & Chris
Are Mr & Mrs Barbara Molineux. Barbara, now blonde, is as fit as ever, although she keeps her black skirt on throughout a firm shagging on the sofa and the floor from her hubby.

Tracey, Tiff & Freddy
Tracey Lain is at home with Freddie when she gets a call from old school friend Tiff. The girls have only just started catching up in the bedroom when Fred appears. Moments later he's fucking a virtually naked Tiff doggystyle while Tracey sucks her tits. Freddy then puts his cock in Tracey and the threesome continues with both girls getting fucked in all positions including anal. This is the best example of Freddie's work I've ever seen and I've seen a few. It looks like a cut down version of a full length release. Freddie's partner Tracey is superb (now with an interesting Yorkshire-German accent) and Tiff is a good looking blonde who is new to me.

Jess & Mary
Another two young women sharing the delights of dildos in their bedroom. Both are very pretty with good figures and could easily be amateur models. The blonde bears more than a passing resemblance to Nicole Kidman. Unfortunately recording quality is not very good.

Kaz B & JJ
Kaz B addresses the camera in close up then does a teasing routine before she sucks partner JJ's cock. While her partner is blindfolded and tied to the sofa, naked Kaz puts on a slim strap-on and fucks him up the arse in mish, managing to suck his cock at the same time. JJ returns the favour by arsefucking Kaz doggy style as she's tied down as well, then, unfettered in missionary. Ends with facial.

Angel is a good looking tall redhead with a generous figure which promises a superb fuck. Unfortunately this is a naked solo effort with several dlidos, but she does achieve an authentic climax or two.

Wai & Tony
More of Tony's videos from last year's holiday in Thailand. Wai is a little shy so she keeps her face hidden with a pillow as Tony fingers her pussy. It's not clear if Tony gets his end away but there's an indistinct BJ since Wai wants to keep anonymous. Tip for Tony, pay the prozzies extra and get their faces in please.

Karen & Bob
Karen is Sarah and has obviously just come back from the Farmer's Market as she sits on a rug in the garden filling her fanny with vegetables. Despite it being a lovely sunny day when Bob (Tony James) arrives, he takes her indoors and gives her a fine fuck on the bed. Doggy, mish, spoons, piledriver and reverse cowgirl. Ends with facial.

Rita & Nigel
Blonde fortysomething Rita is filling her fanny with a vibrator in the kitchen when the gasman knocks on the backdoor. While the gasman works in the hall, Rita hitches up her skirt and returns the vibe to her naked pussy. Nigel soon takes over, gets his cock sucked, then takes a naked Rita to the sofa for sex. Good authentic fucking in cowgirl and missionary which ends as Nigel pulls out and shoots over Rita's torso.

Sally & Dave
Fleshy and thirtysomething, blonde Sally, wearing a black lacey bodystocking, takes on naked black dude Dave. Oral, 69, then hard fucking on the double bed in all positions.

Ola & Paul
Barry films the unbelievably lucky Paul as he gets to fuck the lovely brunette Ola and her superb body. Pulling off Ola's pink bikini on the bed, Paul reveals long brown legs and firm breasts with terrific hard nipples. Ola sucks Paul hard and they fuck in spoons, doggy and spectacular reverse cowgirl. Finally in missionary Paul pulls out and explodes over Ola's natural breasts. Ola is listed on several model sites for solo but this bg is from early in her career so may be quite rare.

Lisa & Ron
Lisa is another large young lady with a curvy figure and big pendulous tits. Wrapped in a towel she discovers her hot bathwater is cold. Ron, the plumber, offers to fix the water but Lisa wants warming up straight away and she drops her towel to the floor. Sex on the bed in all positions including reverse cowgirl quickly follows, in this cleanly shot scene. BJ to climax for Ron.

Jess & Kinky
Jess(ucker) returns home to partner Kinky Kiwi after a hen night out before Christmas. Jess has been wearing just a short dress and white thighboots. The dress falls to the floor and Jess joins an already naked Kiwi on a mattress for some oral. Because of Kiwi's restricted movement, Jess delivers a series of blinding cowgirl positions, eventually slipping off and sucking her man to climax.

Tiff & Jonny
Much underated porn actress Tiffany gives a fine show with fellow pro Jonny. After a fair bit of talk with the cameraman as she strips off (and a chance for him to squeeze her bullet-shaped nipples), Tiffany sucks Jonny's cock then mounts him reverse cowgirl for some hard shagging. As usual Tiffany thoroughly enjoys her work in this good scene. Very well lit and shot, although slightly surprising to see Jonny rubbered-up in this all pro scene. Ends with modest cumshot over Tiff's tits.

This is a fine, technically well shot collection from Your Choice with hardly a dud scene. Fans of big girls will enjoy the flesh on display here with both amateur and pro bbw's in action. Kaz and Ola's scenes are real treats and Tiffany is as good as ever. Nice to see Kiwi and Jess in action together ahead of their departure to NZ.

I have been a long standing critic of Freddie who, despite regularly finding new talent and giving early breaks to many girls including Poppy Morgan, has always short-changed his audience with poor camerwork, lighting and cock action. But here he comes good with a fine bgg effort. One for everyone's collection.

Review by Bayleaf
July 2006

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