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Released: 2005
Notes: Your Choice
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Anna - Anna is a tall mature brunette with an excellent body and small neat tits, She strips to her white fishnet hold-up then pleasures herself on her bed with a variety of vibrators and some nipple clamps.

Wendy & Lisa - These two partially undress on the sofa before sharing vibrators. Convincing performances from two reasonably attractive young women, but not a lot of interplay.

Julie & Mark - Thrtysomething blonde Julie wears just black fishnets and bra as she lies on her bed while Mark fists her pussy. Julie then uses a plastic bottle in her pussy before Mark joins her for an excellent cowgirl fuck in this self-filmed piece.

Sarah & Kevin - Big and fleshy Sarah rubs herself to climax as she sits naked on a stool before she and Kevin move to the bed for some extensive fucking. More clips of these fiftysomethings fucking all over the house in these self-filmed scenes.

Claire, Ben & Steve - Young Claire, who says she is a prostitute, sprawls on the sofa with her knickers and tights round her knees flashing her pussy. One guy removes his trousers, but the early fucking on the sofa is pretty much fully clothed. Later, on the floor, the guys undress, but all Claire's figure is hidden by a baggy blue shirt and woolly tights. The scene, which ends with a double facial, is somewhat spoilt by the camcorder's caption generator left on for the first half.

Maria & Andy - Short-haired brunette Maria does a short strip to her black stockings and suspenders before loosening herself up with a couple of vibrators. Andy joins her for a few strokes in missionary before coming over her pussy. An abrupt cut shows Maria pissing while Andy pisses over her, then another jump to Maria's cream covered pussy being fisted and more fucking on a plastic-sheeted bed.

Ann & Bill - Ann and Bill are a hefty couple in their late forties who fuck each other on the lounge floor. Blonde Anne keeps her black underwear and stockings on as she sits astride balding Bill at the start of some decent action which ends with a little facial.

Cindy & Brian - Young Cindy has only one thing to offer the rent man when he calls and it's not cash! While her fat young man strips, she undresses to her stockings, suspenders and boots before Brian fucks her on the sofa. Some nice deep fucking action on the floor from pretty Cindy, although her slim body has suffered from early motherhood. Feeble facial to end.

Faith & Tony - Tony James instructs Faith as she flaunts her voluptuous body for the camera, eventually removing her ridiculously small gold microskirt and black t-shirt. She fingers herself on the bed in her black knickers before Tony joins her for 69 then a very professional fuck. All the positions, then all the positions again, ending with a decent facial in a scene that both pros seem to enjoy.

Ellen & Graham - Biker Graham pulls over for Ellen as she's hitching a lift on a country lane. Graham wants payment upfront and drops his leathers for a bj while Ellen slips her tits out. Back home the pair undress in the bedroom and fuck on the bed. Chestnut-haired Ellen looks in her mid thirties with Graham a bit older, and while Ellen is a little thick around the waist she has a superb small pair of tits. Reasonable facial to finish.

Jodie & Kieran - Jodie, in red latex dress, teases husband Kieran with a little whip before stripping him and sucking his cock on the sofa. Twentysomething Jodie reveals her ample curves as she strips to her crotchless fishnets and thighboots before Kieran fucks her on the sofa. Sex in all the usual positions on the sofa and the floor ends with good cumshot over tits.

Rona & Kim (500 bonus winner) - Both Kim and Rona are all in black - stockings, suspenders, dresses, thigh boots! - as Rona whacks Kim's arse with a paddle. First Kim, then Rona, take the full length of a massive black rubber cock and share a double ender before the floor show ends with snogging on the carpet. Then the guys join in - six, seven or more black guys give the girls a good bareback gang banging. Rhona gets fisted by one of the guys then by Kim before her arse is plundered. Scene ends with facials and cum swap. Nice.

Review by Bayleaf
December 2005

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