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Released: 2005
Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews

Christine - Large, attractive, auburn-haired woman in black pvc and hold-ups. Solo session on bed with oil and a satisfyingly large blue dildo.

Anabel Moon & Ellen - Anabel with a much older but similarly proportioned blonde woman. Anabel's pussy receives the attention of an orange vibrator while Ellen removes only her top.

Julie & Bob - Julie, a well-proportioned older blonde wearing black stockings and red devil horns, pleasures partner Bob. Cowgirl and doggie filmed from both a fixed camera and pov. Nice facial.

Suzy & Steve - Strawberry blonde 30-somethings Suzy and Steve get down to business straight away. Sex, with condom, in most positions on the sofa and floor.

Wendy & Bret - Another large, mature blonde, Wendy extensively pleasures herself with a pink rabbit while Bret sits alongside her on the sofa. Eventually he gets his reward as she sits on his cock.

Nicki - Fully clothed Wicked Nicki sits forward on the sofa, unzips the cameraman and sucks him to orgasm in 3 minutes flat.

Angel - Another fully-clothed blowjob for the naked cameraman from Anne Fowler. Part way through Angel sits on a coffee table and flashes her tits and pussy.

Anabel & Terry - Anabel returns with Terry in a hotel room. Anabel removes her black pants but keeps her black dress and hold-ups on while Terry fucks her missionary on the bed. Reasonable facial.

Kat & Guy - 20 minutes of Kat Varga's epic scene with Mark Marais from Filthy First Time Amateurs. Neither first time nor amateur, then or now!

Alison, Mandy, Alan, John & Paul - Three guys enjoy the favours of attractive 30-somethings Alison and Mandy. Mixture of shared and fixed camerawork. Various permutations as everyone gets naked. The first girl (Alison?) fucks just one guy, Mandy fucks the other two.

Siri & Tony - Looks like a bit of sex tourism here with Siri, a Thai or Philippino girl, filmed fucking a sunburnt Tony in the shower and on the bed in a cheap hotel room. That said, Siri is a pretty girl and Tony is very well endowed and gives Siri a firm fucking (with condom) including anal and a professional facial. Then, it's on with a fresh condom and another bout of arse-fucking, finishing with a great facial which Siri spits back over Tony's torso.

Joanne, Phil, Barry & Gary - Chunky mature Joanne is up for a bit of fun with partner Phil and friend Barry in the bedroom. All three strip off and there's fucking and oral for both guys in all the usual positions. Later, cameraman Gary joins in, wanking over Joanne's tits for the only cumshot.

Holly and the boys (250 Bonus Winner) - Holly is an attractive blonde with a lovely hard slim body who takes on at least 5 black dudes who gang bang her, with each guy delivering a cream pie. After each one the camera lingers in close up as the man juice drips from Holly's exquisite pink slit. Superb camerawork with uninterrupted takes; as one guy fills her pussy another takes his place. Unfortunately Holly has an American accent, as do the guys that speak, while the picture quality suggests too many VHS transfers. Draw your own conclusions. Shame though.

Erica, Alan & Tony (250 Bonus Winner) - After the previous disappointment the final scene is a huge surprise. Erica, a pretty blonde in her early twenties, sits demurely on a black leather sofa between Tony and Paul - a rose between two thorns says the cameraman. As the action begins Erica stands and removes her t-shirt and skirt revealing a sheer black cami suspender, natural stockings and bald pussy with pierced clit. In her heels she is taller than either of her partners. Both men fuck her missionary and doggie on the sofa, often with a cock in her mouth, then Tony cums over her face. Now completely naked, Erica continues to fuck Alan in reverse cowgirl and doggie and finally in semi- standing reverse cowgirl, shooting his load deep into her pussy. Sitting back on the sofa, Erica opens her pussy for the cum to drain out. Fucking Magic.

An average set of scenes until the last two. Any disappointment that Honey may not be British is blown away by the stunning Erica. I've not seen even a hint of Erica any where else (help me out here chaps) and it would be a massive shame if this scene is a one-off.

Review by Bayleaf
November 2005

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