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Released: 2005
Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews

Sweet young brunette Layla hitches up her shirt and her miniskirt and rubs her tits and pussy with her fingers, later introducing a 'Rabbit' vibrator to bring herself off.

Attractive blonde and brunette Carol and Ann start dressed as schoolgirls but are soon undressed to their little white socks. While the brunette could pass as under 18 the blonde is 10 years too old, but it is she that takes a dildo in her pussy then demands the younger woman fucks her with a strap-on.

Val and John. Self filmed sex between these fiftysomethings. Unfortunately neither fat Val or skinny John have any sex appeal and the particularly poor quality film make this contribution virtually unwatchable despite Val sticking a bottle and her fist up herself.

By contrast plain, short-haired brunette Irene sexily spreads her legs and plays with her pussy before (assumed hubby) Mike joins her on the electric blue sofa. Twentysomething Irene is large and pink and gets her pussy well fingered before Mike removes her pants for a short burst of face to face fucking in this nicely self-filmed piece.

Pearl is a generously proportioned black woman in her mid thirties. She poses for partner Mike on the bed wearing a white fishnet bodysuit, then Mike joins her. Undressing completely they fuck while the fixed camera rolls. Satisfactory sex in several positions, but changes in camera angle ensure we get to see some hard interracial fucking in a scene which dates from 1997 if the datecode is to be believed. Ends with creampie.

Cheryl is a twentyish black girl with model girl looks and a superb slim body and bum. In the bathroom she allows boyfriend Bob to strip her to her black pants and thighboots then sucks his white cock hard. They have excellent sex with a condom on the floor and as many other places as possible in the cramped conditions. Cheryl looks like an amateur model with a nicely untouched bush who should work professionally. Top scene.

There's a little scene setting in the next sequence as Tracy calls on her friend Linda, who is out but boyfriend Mark is in, well in. Mark answers the door in his boxers and Tracy explains she has a dildo for Linda but realises it may not be needed as she takes Mark's cock from his pants. Tracy is an attractive, slim, tanned, sexily dressed woman with enhanced breasts who must be at least 60 years old. Tracy keeps her black stockings on as Mark, some 20 years her junior, gives her a fine fucking on the sofa. Another woman who could get professional work, albeit in a niche market.

Linda and Ron. Linda is Sarah-Louise and Ron is presumably her boyfriend as he seems to be the only guy she shagged during her brief return to hardcore in 2004. Sarah-Louise is a nurse who examines her patient in his bed then, when they're both naked, gets well fucked. Competently filmed with all the poses, but Sarah-Louise never seems to show much enthusiasm for her task.

Wendy and Phil. This is another fine scene with the delightful Wendy getting well fucked on a bed by partner Phil, a muscular guy with a shaven barnet. Wendy has a curvy body, flawless skin and girl-next-door looks. Both start naked and the oral sex begins immediately, then Phil fucks her deep in all the usual positions including a fine reverse cowgirl which shows Wendy's dark partly shaven pussy off well. All of Wendy's performances are in Your Choice releases. This scene has probably been in the can for a few years as she looks very similar to her performance in an Amsterdam sex club with Carly G that must have been filmed around 2001.

Annie and Dave. This is Alyssa Jenkins and Tony James' scene from British Slappers with Alyssa pretending to be a first-timer getting a damn good shagging on a bed from Tony. Very good scene from two pros. Please see British Slappers 1 for the rest of my opinion.

250 bonus winner: Lotta and Freddie. Lotta is the very attractive Tracey Lain aka Mrs Fat Freddie, playing a foreign student wishing to improve her English. Freddie suggests some private coaching in the bedroom thus Tracey learns quite a lot as Freddie keeps up a running commentary of his actions as he fucks Tracey's lovely slim body and she repeats the words. This includes very deep anal in multiple positions in one of the best scenes of Freddie's I have seen. Tracey is currently unlisted but as she is now firmly British-based this may change. This is recent Freddie with a proper cameraman and well lit interiors and Tracey is able to coax a genuine orgasm from her man.

250 bonus winner: Tanya, Darryl and David. Familiar interview technique for Tanya in what could be genuinely her hardcore debut judging by her reactions. She sits on the familiar green sofa (you know, the one with the 1930's NY steelworkers print on the wall above) and uses a pink dildo on herself as she wears no pants under her little black dress. Darryl removes the rest of her clothes and fucks her on the sofa and floor before moving on to quite deep anal. Photographer Dave occasionally fixes his camera so that he can have a turn, especially at the end when Tanya gets a DP. Ends with two facials.

Another fine compilation from Your Choice. Some of the genuine amateurs were below par this time, but the superb Cheryl certainly pulled the average up. Good performances from the professionals too.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2005

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