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Released: 2005
Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews

Sami - The first scene features Sammi. She strips, fingers her pussy and uses a red vibrator on a hotel bed. Nice deep action too.

Jan & Kelly - Good looking blonde and brunette (tattoo on left arm), dunno which is which but both could be pro-am models. Nice naked pussy licking and double dildo action before the blonde takes the brunette's strap-on in cowgirl and doggy. Scene ends with both girls dressing and leaving. Nice.

Noy, Mark & Pat - Noy is a very pretty oriental girl with a neat body and luxuriant full bush. She poses for Mark, the visble photographer, on a sofa and then has sex with him. Curiously, although Pat (the other male) is present he doesn't film and the camera is static. Then Pat, who is very well-endowed, slips on a condom and Mark films him fucking a gasping Noy. No cumshots. Fine scene let down by poor natural lighting.

Jan & Bill - A thritysomething couple in a hotel room. They strip and have sex on the bed with the help of a buzzing vibrator. Jan, a nicely-fleshed brunette with generous tits, finally takes Bill's ejaculation internally and the scene ends with nice leakage from her pussy.

Dee and Steve - Fortysomethings Dee and Steve are at home on the sofa. Dee is a large woman who strips to her black hold-ups as she takes a squelchy dildoing from Steve. Eventually Steve gets his cock out and wanks over Dee's face.

Julie & Paul - Nice blonde Julie gets nicely fucked on the sofa and floor in this nicely-filmed scene. Julie's hard buttons get my nipples-of-the-month award as Paul fucks her smooth young body with some pleasure on both sides. Ends with almost invisible facial.

Tricia & Dave - Petite crop-haired thirtysomething Tricia gets fucked at her Watford home by partner Dave. Tricia keeps her black knee-boots on as she takes Dave's cock first in her pussy then in her bum. Very noisy fucking in missionary and doggy with excellent facial to finish.

Ann & Phil - Phil plays a telecoms engineer who gets payment in kind for completing his installation. Short-haired, blonde and overweight, Ann gets fucked on the sofa and the floor in this role-play scenario much-favoured by genuine couples. Nice facial to end.

Mandy and John - Naked on a bed, John Mason and Mandy get straight down to sex in the way seen typically in his X-rated Auditions series. Textbook sequence of positions finishing with usual wank for John. Mandy, who is gloriously tattoo-free, keeps her specs on throughout which gave me the impression that as soon as she stopped fucking she had to get off to finish her biology essay.

Rachel & Derek - This arousing scene starts very promisingly with Rachel, all in black pvc including boots and small mask, getting fucked in her bedroom by Derek. Rachel gasps appreciatively during the good hard sex which ends with a creampie. Unfortunately the scene is let down by Rachel removing her fetish-gear too quickly (although she's booted and masked throughout) and a production budget that couldn't stretch beyond a 100W bulb for lighting, making some of the action hard to see.

Miki and Rob (bonus winners) - Bit of genuine S&M here as small brunette Miki, in black rubber dress and stockings, gets her hands cuffed behind her back as she kneels on a bed. Rob whacks her bum a few times (making Miki jump each time) before throwing her over his lap and fingering her naked pussy. Miki sucks Rob's cock while still restrained and gets her pussy lips clipped before being released for a deep and noisy fuck. Good scene.

Angelina, Calvin & Paul (bonus winners) - Curvy Angelina has sex with both guys on the black leather sofa at Calvin's house. The guys undress, remove her pants for a pussy licking then fuck her in turn in missionary and doggie on the sofa. They move to the floor where Paul cums over her belly and Calvin pulls out in doggy to cum over her bum. Good sweaty scene.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2005

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