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Released: 2003
Notes: Your Choice
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Solo from Anne France as Sandra in same room as her b/g scene in VW32. Dildo masterclass from a fine-looking woman using both orifices including a dp using a flexible double-ender.

Nicky is a pretty amateur dressed as a maid who breaks off dusting for some self pleasuring. She keeps her dress on as she spreads her shapely legs for an arousing deep dildo session.

Kay and Susan are two blondes with model girl looks who attack a box of dildos on a bed. A very sexy session including the use of a double-ender which disappears completely when they join, bum to bum. Kay can be seen in VW 37 in an excellent b/g bonus-winning scene. Producers note: we should see more of both these girls.

Linda and Ralph are a fit middle aged couple who have sex on a bed. Frank is well-endowed and Linda makes satisfactorily dirty grunts and growls as they fuck in a variety of positions. Clearly shot, the scene ends with the cameraman pushing a Coke bottle up Linda as she wanks Ralph to climax. Excellent.

Norman introduces Wendy as a dancer he's picked up in a bar who's agreed to model. An attractive thirty-something blonde, Wendy is soon naked on the four-poster and sucking Norman. There's very brief penetration in missionary before Norman cums in Wendy's mouth. Poor attempt at a porn short by a couple of likely lads who forgot to put the sex in it.

Jessica and Rob are a pair of teenagers who are naked on the floor at the beginning of the scene and the sex starts immediately. Jessica looks so fresh that this could be her first time for intercourse, not just on film, although she sports a wedding ring. The cute pair shag all over the living room for a long time with Rob's youthful erection hard throughout until he shoots buckets of cum all over his partner. Clearly shot with nice mix of close-ups and reaction shots of Jessica. Lovely.

Heidi is a fortyish slim blonde, naked on a hotel bed with John Mason. Looks like an X-rated audition that didn't make the final cut. Enthusiastic performance from Heidi who has bad bruising to the tops of her thighs which suggests she likes it even rougher. Sex, including anal, in all positions and ends with John wanked to climax.

Michelle and big black Calvin in their excellent scene released on John Mason's Filthy Fuckers 1.

Louise, Sean & Chris. This little featurette starts outside by the seaside, moves inside for an interview before curvy brunette Louise strips in the bedroom and takes on both guys in a four poster. Plenty of foreplay and dildo use before the fucking begins in all positions. For most of the time Louise wears just blue cowboy boots, but changes to white bra and pants for the last couple of minutes. Both guys deliver facials. Louise, who says she's 22, looks semi pro and has enhanced boobs and a very willing personality. Well worth seeing again.

Paul, Sarah & Calvin. Neat, petite blonde Sarah takes on both guys in this bonus winner. Good build up with plenty of tongueing and licking on a sofa before Sarah mounts Calvin in reverse cowgirl. Paul takes over in missionary then doggy before exploding in Sarah's pussy. Calvin returns making the contents of Sarah's pussy run over her legs before giving her a serious doggy-style pounding, finishing by covering her pussy in spunk.

Finally, another bonus-winning threesome with Cloe, Nick and another Paul. (Please YC, enough already, every other bloke is a Nick or a Paul). Cloe is a young, slim amateur brunette who takes on both older guys with great enthusiasm. After some vigorous doggy fucking one of the guy's fills Cloe's pussy and the camera lingers for a couple of minutes on the fluid dropping out. The action resumes with the second guy and ends with him cumming all over Cloe's torso. Well shot and edited. Nice.

Review by Bayleaf

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