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Released: 2004
Director: Mark Davis
Notes: Zero Tolerance
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 130 mins.

I purchased this film solely for the reason that Vicky J aka Vicky Powell, who is an English glamour model, was in it doing hardcore which she has previously refused to undertake. However, I was pleasantly surprised as, even though her scene was good, it was nothing in comparison to the performances by two other new starlets on the video.

Scene 1 - Melissa Lauren & Kurt Lockwood. Really naughty French girl who from the start says that she enjoys anal. This scene proves to be quite a hard shagging scene with anal and Melissa giving back as good as Kurt gives! Great anal session. Good performance.

Scene 2 - Alexis Taylor & David Perry. Alexis and David go hell for leather with some throat grabbing. This scene is pretty hardcore to say the least. Anal is included and the sex in general is very frantic.

Scene 3 - Envy & Mark Davis. This scene surprised me as I watched the behind the scenes footage first and heard Envy say that she had only had 8 partners before and seemed timid. She was asking Mark Davis how he liked to be blown. I was going to flick through this scene when it came up as I thought that it would be boring with her just lying their hoping he finished quickly. It was anything but. She seems to really get into it and it was a good humoured scene in which you could see that she really enjoyed the whole experience. Envy should not be confused with the Canadian French actress of the same name, they are two totally different types of star. This girl, with her wholesome looks, should go far. Great facial to end.

The last 3 scenes of this video are all British girls who all display great performances.

Scene 4 - Lyesha & David Perry. This scene is great. Lyesha goes for it with David and takes anal like a seasoned pro. Very fit young body, very athelic in the number of positions that they manage. The anal session has to be the climax of the scene as her arse really takes a hardened battering. Great scene.

Scene 5 - Isabel Ice & Kurt Lockwood. Isabel is not the best looking girl going, but there is a certain element of absolute filthy slut about her that really gets the family jewels ready to blow. This scene is really dirty hard sex that is very stimulating to say the least. Great anal and all round great performance.

Scene 6 - Vicky J & Mark Davis. This is the scene I brought the video for and it is well worth it. Mark has Vicky climax twice before the sex even starts. There is no way this is fake as you can see her body shudder with the force of the orgasm. Mark then promptly fucks Vicky in a number of positions before making her ask him to cum in her mouth so she can swallow it. Mark starts to shoot in her mouth and she swallows the lot. Mark is surprised that she swallowed it all even though there is still some running over her breasts!

I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone.

Reveiwer requested anonymity

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

British actor-cum-director Mark Davis brings a mostly European cast to his film Virgin Surgeon 2. As well as the three Brits, Isabel Ice, Iyesha and Vicky Powell, Melissa Lauren has flown to the States from France to appear.

Those who only want to watch home grown talent will have to skip the first three scenes as the British trio appear at the end of the film.

First up is Iyesha. Mark greets her in the hall and gets a quick flash of her boobs and bum before she sets off to find David Parry. Iyesha drops her black bra so David can suck on her nipples. His hand slips into her matching knickers as he laps at the bum. Iyesha bends forward and unzips David's pants and his cock falls into her open mouth as she jerks on his shaft. Nice and wet, Iyesha slides down the cock and rides cowgirl and David fingers her arse as they fuck. The pair fall onto their sides, Iyesha moaning as the dick is jabbed first into her pussy, then her bum. Pushing herself onto all fours, Iyesha displays her gaping hole before it is filled again with man meat. Kneeling, she takes his load in her mouth.

Isabel is dressed in a pink jumper and white jeans. Mark gets her to lick her boobs before her scene with Kurt Lockwood. The next time we see her, Isabel is in her sexy black lingerie and red stockings being spanked on the arse by Kurt. Her tits bobble with each thwack. As she is stripped, Isabel says she wants it rough and dirty. Kurt starts by pulling on her boobs to get her nipples to stand erect. Isabel is hungry for cock and Kurt's dick goes straight down her throat. Rolling over, Isabel hangs her head over the edge of the bed to get her tonsils fucked as her fanny is fingered. Even though her eyes are streaming she knows how to swallow cock. Opening her legs wide, Isabel wants to feel filled. Kurt hammers away at her cunt as she pulls at her clit. Bending forward, Isabel stretches her bum ready for dick, shouting and screaming she wants more as Kurt pounds away. There's one more thing Isabel wants from Kurt - his spunk in her mouth. She sticks out her tongue and he squirts his load. Smiling, she swallows.

Vicky Powell is the last girl in the film. In her fur trimmed pink bra, suspender belt and stockings she talks to Mark. She undoes her bra and her tongue flicks at her tits. Mark joins in as his hand wanders down her body. Sitting her down he probes her pussy. His fingers get faster and faster till she quivers with pleasure and her lips are dripping with liquid; Mark bends to taste. The two settle on the settee and Vicky's head bobs up and down as she wraps her lips around Mark's cock. Moving, Mark peels off Vicky's stocking and sucks her toes as he humps her. Positioning herself above Mark's erect shaft, Vicky slowly sinks it into her pussy. Gasping, she gyrates and grinds her clit against his balls. The two roll over and Vicky is pumped in the pussy doggy. Pulling out, Mark creams over Vicky's face. It plops onto her boobs.

Each of the six scenes are nicely and cleanly shot, with care taken not to show flailing torsos. As for the girls, Vicky and Iyesha were hot and Isabel was down right dirty. Great performances from Melissa, Envi and tall thin Alexis Taylor round the film off. An enjoyable view.

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