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Released: 2004
Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews

Full bodied Vicky gives a solo tour-de-force with the vibrators, a nice big one for the pussy and a sleek silver one for her bum. Two at a time leaves Vicky close to orgasm, so she allows the photographer a sly fondle or two. Good quality too.

Toril and Christie are two women who enjoy eating each other, especially when their pussies and tits are garnished with fruit and cream. Blonde and brunette, skinny and curvy, but they both enjoy licking whipped cream from each other's pussies.

Self-filmed session from Penny and Andy. Nice hot action from young Penny sitting on Andy's cock, but the pair spend a bit too much time watching themselves on the monitor. Ends with respectable facial.

Wendy is a very large, heavy featured woman, who takes on two older guys in her lounge. Once she's on her back with her legs in the air, both guys can fuck her. Sex on the floor as well before both guys deliver facials.

Wendy is another large mature lady who has sex with her partner in the lounge. Sex in most positions, and with the help of a black vibrating probe, make this scene a little more interesting. The scene ends with a copious cumshot over Wendy's tits.

This amateur production is given a little set up when Jim enters and finds Lisa wanking while watching a lezzie video. Jim joins Lisa on the couch and sex ensues in reverse cowgirl and doggie and cowgirl on the floor follow. Lisa is quite attractive with a neat figure and big nipples. A young mum as the high chair in the background attests. Scene ends with a facial.

Jay and Sammy, who is Sarah Wright. This is their scene from Filthy Fuckers 1.

Susie and Paul start in the shower together then move to the bedroom. Susie is a slightly older plump brunette and sex starts and ends quickly with an internal cumshot which trickles out of Susie's pussy as she lays on her back. Rejuvenated by some oral attention, the sex resumes with little or no sound, and about the same enthusiasm, before a second internal cumshot occurs.

Dave is on a hotel bed with Jo Hadfield and Kerry. The voluptuous Jo, wearing just black hold-ups, straddles Dave's face while kissing Kerry. Mature Kerry still has a good figure when she removes her slinky dress and all three set about licking and sucking each other's parts. Dave manages to penetrate Jo from behind while she licks Kerry, but he has trouble keeping wood to get inside Kerry when she gets on top. Both girls try to coax some life back into Dave's old tool and sex of a sort occurs, then the girls remove the condom and wank him off. Poor Dave, who must have been worried about not dying of a heart attack, poor us that there wasn't a proper stud on hand to give these mature beauties the fucking they richly deserved.

Abii, Carol, Ian & Dave. Abi and Carol are two slightly older full-bodied women in some catalogue black lingerie, black boots and chokers. They share dildos before using a black strap-on on each other. Nicely lubed-up, the girls sit on the sofa and phone for some men; 20 minutes later Ian and Dave arrive. Pussy licking and more vibrator use leads to sex between one couple while the other pair lag behind. Eventually the second guy puts on a condom and both couples fuck cowgirl side by side then face to face. These are large ladies and it's a real squeeze on the small sofa. The couples exchange oral favours, but stick to each other for sex. Scene ends with double facial.

Where have we heard this one before: Pretty blonde Kay owes Alan, she can't pay but she can do something else. Brief oral from both sides and then Alan's trousers are round his ankles, Kay's skirt around her waist and she's on the floor bouncing on his cock. Some brief 69 then Kay's back on top again followed by doggie, missionary and spoons on the laminate flooring. More reverse cowgirl on the sofa, with Kay wearing just her black boots, shows off her neat young figure and the scene ends with a good facial. Kay looks like an amateur, but could do more if she wants to.

NB. The Your Choice website misses out the description of Joanne's scene, inserting the description of the next scene instead. Thus the title of the Abii/Carol scene (as bonus winners) is omitted too.

Review by Bayleaf

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