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Released: 2003
Notes: Your Choice
Alternate Titles
  • Filthy English Fuckers 10 DVD available USA, Black Widow
Notes and Reviews

Theresa (Teresa Daine) has a solo scene in the garden, masturbating in a standing position, holding aside the gusset of her red bikini. Then lying on a towel and using a dildo, followed by a copious piss on the patio. Then she goes indoors to tickle her clit with a toothbrush.

This is followed by a three-way lesbian scene with Jo Hadfield and a couple of brunettes, Lara and Lisa. Lara seems to be Lara [2].

Amateur couple Freda and Chris have a b/g scene

Fiona and Frank, shot mostly in close-up. Frank is wanking over pictures of wife Fiona in a magazine when she walks in wearing a black net top and sex ensues. Fiona is Michelle [9].

Irie, Archie and Paul is actually from Poison at the Office. A bit of scenario to this one, rather than straight down to the action.

Another amateur couple, but younger and more good-looking, Melissa and Lee follow. This is a good scene beginning with Melissa dressed in a sexy maid's outfit with black fishnet stockings.

Jessie and Bill are another good-looking amateur couple. Jessie is dressed in a sexy white thingamajig and, for some strange reason, a black hat. The scene includes anal. He cums over her bum, licks it up and transfers it direct to her mouth.

Hayley and Rob is another amateur scene beginning with a bit of light bondage. Hayley is a good-looking girl next door with short auburn hair.

An amateur gang bang comes next with mature Vicky taking on six men.

Then Karleene Morgan takes on Paul and Ray. Good to see some more rare Karleene b/g. This is a well-lit scene with a clear, though a little grainy, picture.

The first bonus scene is an early performance by Jenny Loveitt and two guys, John and David, who regularly appear in John Mason's stuff so it could well be John behind the camera. Action includes anal and facials.

In the last scene, the second shared bonus winner, Bonnie Heart and Doggy Dog masquerade as Lisa and Todd. Again anal is included. This is the scene from Rearenders.

As with all this series there is a mix of subject matter, type of girl and picture quality; so which scenes you like depends on your individual taste. The initial solo scene was good, in my opinion, as it was a little different than the usual solo scenes. Bonnie Heart is now quite well-known and amateurs Melissa and Jessie are worth seeing more of in my view, but others may well have different preferences.

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