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Released: 2003
Notes: Your Choice
Alternate Titles
  • Filthy English Fuckers 8 DVD available USA, Black Widow
Notes and Reviews
  • Marianne - Marianne (a familiar brunette - she's either listed under another name or has done a Fiona Cooper) comes home from work and relaxes with her vibrator and, for variety, an electric toothbrush.
  • Carol and Victoria - Two blondes come back from jogging and relax with each other. Carol is familiar and Victoria is Anna St John.
  • Gill and Melissa - Girl/girl action from Gilly Sampson and Melissa Walker. Melissa shaves Gilly and then the dildo gets a workout.
  • Barbara, Ian and John - Barbara Molineux in action again, b/g with a bit of bondage, then the cameraman gets his turn.
  • Doreen and Ray - Doren (Teresa Daine) in b/g action.
  • Rita and Roy - A redhead and her partner.
  • Joanne and John - Pregnant b/g action.
  • Molly and Freddie - Molly (not seen before and therefore not listed yet) with Fat Freddie.
  • Carla and Karl - Carla also seems to be new. Seems to be OEJ himself on camera.
  • Naomi and Tony - Naomi is a very pretty and very sexy brunette and she and her boyfriend take it in turns to hold the camera for the action, after a lot of teasing. This girl should be a model.
  • Irene, Paul and Nick - Mature blonde takes on two men.

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