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Released: 2002
Director: Jerome Tanner
Notes: Legend
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Running time: 87 mins.

Good plot-based films are few and far between, requiring girls who can act rather than just recite lines, and a director who knows how to make a story line flow. With Vice Girls the ingredients are all there, with Hannah Harper, Brittney Skye and Jewel De Nyle performing and Jerome Tanner behind the lens.

In the not too distant future, the American state has banned porn and a ruthless all-girl crack police squad are there to stamp it out. On her first day on the team, new recruit Hannah finds the team, led by Jewel De Nyle, have their own way of dealing with miscreants who don't follow the rules.

Hannah is sent out on her first undercover assignment to track down porn peddler Evan Stone. She waits in the hotel bedroom, in a short lime-green dress, for him to turn up. Evan enters with a consignment of sex toys and dildos. She's going to have to try before she buys. Reluctantly, Hannah strips and gives the code word for the bust... Nothing happens: she'll have to play along with Evan. Easing a vibrator into her pussy, Hannah lets Evan lick at her arse. Dropping back onto the bed, Hannah rubs at her clit as Evan get out his cock. Sitting up, she swallows. The two tumble over and Hannah lowers herself onto his dick. She twists onto all fours to be fucked doggy. Evan jerks his load into Hannah's mouth. She's been set up.

Out on patrol with Brittney Sky, Hannah discovers the Vice Squad is more about getting cock than solving crimes. Stopping a car with two guys, the girls find a couple of DVDs. Hannah is sent off to give one of the suspects a blow job, while Brittney screws the second for information.

Disturbed that the Vice Squad is not what she thought, Hannah finds herself under investigation. It turns out her boyfriend Joel is the grandson of a notorious porn director. Slipping out of her lemon-coloured summer dress, Hannah lets Joel suck at her tits. She falls to her knees and takes out his cock. Hannah's tongue dances along its length as she wanks it. Opening her legs, she wants her pussy licked. With the dress bunched around her waist, Hannah drops onto Joel's cock. The two bounce across the bed. Rolling over, Hannah parts her bum cheeks for some anal action, fingering her pussy as she's being fucked. Joel pulls out and cums over her back. Hannah's been bugged.

Disillusioned, Hannah leave the team she so wanted to join. Maybe a little porn isn't so bad after all if Vice Squad is the alternative.

Vice Squad is a well constructed film where the simple story line and hot action provide a perfect match. Hannah Harper and the other girls may not be up to Oscar standard with their acting, but they all acquit themselves well and carry the film forward. If you're looking for a decent plot-based movie, Vice Squad could fit the bill.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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