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Notes: Mask Video Productions
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Joanne Bache: Joanne looks stunning, lying on a bed wearing heels, patterned black hold-ups and a blue suspender-body, with her hair tumbling down around her shoulders. She progressively exposes her tits and pussy, with close-ups of her spread lips, before producing a large white vibrator. Switching it on, she eventually gets some fair penetration: the music has faded so we can hear her (fairly convincing) sighs. This is the only scene with any live sound, and is all the better for it. After five minutes or so of this she regrettably resorts to rubbing the vibe against her pussy, until the scene fades out.

Donna Ambrose (as Danica): The music is 'Caribbean', and therefore at odds both with the set décor and Donna's outfit (a leopard-pattern shift, black thong and a shell anklet), which are presumably meant to reflect her presumed African ethnicity. Me Tarzan ........ The build-up is very slow, as is Donna's wont, with much toying with fruit from a bowl nearby, but we do see her pussy in glorious detail. Finally she is naked, and uses an over-ripe banana for some partial penetration: this she then peels, takes a couple of bites from and then re-inserts rather more deeply. After the 'fruit salad', she produces a black dildo from the bowl and fucks herself shallowly with it. No live sound at all.

Jenna Hill: Returning to the bedroom set, Jenna strips from her bra and pants, oiling herself as she goes. There are some good close-ups, but the whole thing seems a little strained: she is too histrionic to be convincing. The pink dildo which is then produced unsurprisingly slips home easily enough, but Jenna has an annoying habit of briefly inserting then withdrawing the dildo for a minute or so to rub it over her body 'suggestively', only to remember what she's supposed to be doing with it, then repeating the whole performance over and over again. This stop-start routine is extremely aggravating to watch. After the application of more oil, she concentrates rather more effectively on the dildo, briefly inserting a finger into her anus, although her plastic version of coitus interruptus still recurs from time to time. The scene ends with her putting the toy to one side somewhat gratefully: "well, that's the job over with for another day" ....... The piano music is not too intrusive.

Lisa James: Lisa lies on a recliner, wearing heels, stockings and camisole, all blue. She proceeds to expose and stroke her tits and pussy, with a brief close-up. This cuts abruptly (and annoyingly, for lingerie fans) to her naked on all-fours on the chair, sucking a black dildo. Some brief, shallow penetration ensues before another abrupt cut to her with the black toy's much bigger pink cousin. Yet another jump reveals her inserting a thin white vibe into her arse: this she keeps in for some time, before unsuccessfully attempting a DP with a silver-tipped vibe. She does better with the latter when the former is removed, and there are some good close-ups. She then returns to the Big Pink One, taking a considerable amount of it, before finishing up with a brief two-finger fuck.

Attractive girls, with one stunner (Joanne) and something for boob fans (Donna). Joanne's scene wins the palm for me, with Lisa's a distant second. I cannot speculate as to the reasons for the almost complete absence of ambient sound, but the tape is definitely poorer for it, irrespective of the choice of background music. Donna and Jenna were all too clearly there just for the money (although, unlike Jenna, Donna remembered that this was supposed to be a masturbation vid, not a lap-dancing primer), and Lisa always seems to be happier behind the camera than in front of it, although she did at least try and earn her corn.

There is always a trade-off in this sort of thing between the artificiality of using lubricants to obtain effective penetration, or hoping (usually in vain) that the model can arrange matters for herself ..... I suppose it's a no-win situation.

Worth a punt for Donna and Lisa if you're a fan, but only really for Joanne's scene. 50 minutes is a good deal too short: another couple of scenes, or just leaving in all the footage so obviously cut from Lisa's scene, would have made this a better bargain. No prizes for guessing who provides the links.

Review by JJ

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