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Notes: Mask Video Productions
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Sally [8]: A lovely slim, long-haired continental-looking brunette in white lingerie and a very sexy pearl choker. Much stagy finger-fucking to camera is followed by similarly-OTT but prolonged and fairly vigorous insertion of a small dildo from a variety of positions. Keeping the stockings and heels on makes her even easier on the eye. The scene is irritatingly cut mid-action.

Michelle Wright: Looking gorgeous in black hold-ups and body, a very slow build-up is followed by shallow penetration with a large white vibrator, which she doesn't get wet enough to make effective use of. Neither does she here seem overly keen on opening her legs enough to give a clear view of what little action there is: a disappointment even for die-hard fans such as myself. I would happily have accepted the use of a little artificial lubricant here.

Vanessa [2]: A treat for fans of big firm natural boobs, she begins in a red slip and matching hold-ups and heels. Much sucking and licking of boobs, followed by vaginal spreading and finger-insertion. After a lot of labial stimulation with a medium-sized black dildo, she finally gets wet enough for deepish penetration, during which the action infuriatingly ends. Even the cast in her right eye somehow adds to this girl's allure: also, she has her hair straight and blonde rather than the 'Penny Crayon' brunette style she subsequently adopted.

Sammy Marshall: A treat for the eye as usual, with her hair up and wearing blue lingerie, Sammy gradually strips while making use of a glass of champagne and a strawberry as props. Her whole performance is conducted while sitting in what seems to be a chair from a set of garden furniture, which places rather strict limitations on the action. Some mildly entertaining pussy-play to camera leads to the production of a disappointingly-small white vibe of which she makes desultory use with more histrionic than erotic fervour. Another let-down, particularly as her style only really works when you can hear her dialogue.

Four great-looking girls, but only the first and third scenes were anything but average as far as I was concerned. Perhaps my overwhelming passion for Michelle and Sammy coloured my expectations, but they both seemed to be merely going through the motions. Slow-mo crops up during the close-ups yet again, as annoyingly as ever. The music soundtrack is best muted.

87 mins.

Review by JJ

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