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Released: 1980s
Director: Mike Freeman
  • Evelyn Simmonds short called Spanking Sex
  • Jane Griffiths short called Spanking Sex
  • Jessica Bond vignette called Office Boy, preview of The Miller Family
  • Jill Cooper long short called Bent Coppers - Comedy
  • June Day unreleased scenes from Couples
  • Karen James long short called Bent Coppers - Comedy
  • Kerry Turner vignette called The Office Boy, long short called Bent Coppers - Comedy
  • Leslie Turner preview of The Miller Family
  • Michelle Kent long short called Bent Coppers - Comedy
  • Olivia Barbara previously unreleased scenes from Couples
  • Poarn long short called Bent Coppers - Comedy
  • Ruth Chapman preview of The Miller Family
  • Sandra Rhodes vignette called A Romantic Interlude
  • Sharon Holmes preview of The Miller Family
  • Sindy Day preview of The Miller Family
  • Soona long short called Bent Coppers - Comedy
  • Sue Bassette unreleased scenes from Couples
  • XNK0514 otherwise unreleased orgy scene included in Videx Video Show
  • XNK0515 otherwise unreleased orgy scene included in Videx Video Show
  • XNK0517 Comedy; long short included in the Videx Video Show
  • XNK0518 Comedy; long short included in the Videx Video Show
Notes and Reviews

Some shorts, some previews.

  • Introduction - a brunette in a leather mini skirt roller skates to music in front of a van. Freda Hague (not listed).
  • Unreleased scene from Couples - an orgy in a lounge and large communal bath. Female credits - Olivia Barbara, Sue Bassette, June Day. It is not clear who is who from NKs 514 and 515 - one of them looks like a slightly older and darker haired version of Jessica Bond who appears in later segments. Male credits - Steven Powers, Richard Voight, Jeremy Hall, Benjamin Walker.
  • Office Boy - short vignette. A new office boy (Nicholas Walton) arrives for his first day at work to meet the cleaner, Asian-looking girl, Kerry Turner. The female boss, Jessica Bond, arrives and seduces him with the assistance of the cleaner. Kerry Turner briefly joins in the blow job, but otherwise does not get involved, unless this is a shorter version of a longer scene. Jessica gets fucked on the office desk. Cumshot over belly.
  • Erotic Dancing - Carla, not very erotic, the dance that is, not Carla.
  • Film of a gathering of nudists.
  • A Romantic Interlude. A couple (Sandra Rhodes, Benjamin Walker) walk out of a pub, along a road and into a field where they have sex including bj and facial.
  • Preview - The Miller Family - this mainly concentrates on two girls having lesbian sex on a couch (Jessica Bond and Ruth Chapman) while Lesley Turner, (possibly meant to be the sister of one of the girls on the couch) peeps on them from an adjoining room. The father (Frank Lloyd-James - Bill Wright) comes in and introduces another woman (Sharon Holmes) and the girl friend of the sister arrives.
  • Spanking Sex - short. A very young looking Lindsay Honey is a photographer taking pics of two girls one of whom is older (Jane Griffiths) and is meant to be spanking and caning the other (Evelyn Simmonds), dressed as a schoolgirl. The spanking turns to sex and Lindsay fucks both girls, though we don't see much of the action with one of them. Again this may be a shorter version for this compilation. The future Ben Dover cums over the schoolgirl's red, spanked bum.
  • Comedy - complete long short. Males - Frank Lloyd-James, Peter Orlando, Lindsay Honey (mysteriously uncredited). Females - Michelle Kant (former male), Kerry Turner, Poarn, Soona, Karen James, Jill Cooper. A police 'man' ("Michelle") walks in on a photo session where Lindsay Honey is snapping four scantily-clad girls (Kerry Turner, Soona, NKs 517, 518). 'He' discovers suspicious substances and phones for 'his' superiors. Before the inspector arrives, accompanied by two reporters (male - actually Bill Wright aka Frank Thring, and female, Poarn), however, 'he' is persuaded to suck on a home-made hookah and gets high. The girls strip 'him' and discover her real gender. Then the other three arrive and get high too and an orgy develops. The camera mostly focuses on the female reporter who takes on two or three men with Lindsay Honey finally cumming over her bum, but Kerry Turner also gets fucked, as does Michelle and perhaps the slimmer of the two white girls, and the others get groped and stripped. There is a lot of looping however, revealed by the fact that Lindsay Honey is naked, then clothed then naked again.

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