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Notes and Reviews
  • A grossly fat brunette called Yasmin uses a dildo
  • Nicola, a very good-looking brunette, possibly a model, masturbates and uses a dildo - Karla [3]
  • Joanne (Jo-Anne) and Wendy (Taylor) lesbian
  • Lisa and Robby - a brunette (probably amateur, good body) masturbates in the back of a car, has sex with a man in the woods and in a field
  • Michael and Lynn (fairly mature brunette) - a jogger helps a woman whose car has broken down then turns on his ankle when running off. She takes him back to her place ... (facial)
  • Charmaine and Nobby, black couple
  • Terry and Jackie, mature couple, fat brunette
  • Anna (Sarah [14]) and Tony. She is his cleaning lady and he charms her into posing for photographs ...
  • Derek, Alan and Sue (fat brunette) - a window cleaner sees a couple having sex and gets involved
  • Sandy (blonde, listed as Dee), Dee (brunette, Jayne [2]) and Jim, lesbian at first then threesome, amateur
  • Holly [2] is having sex with a man on the golf course when they are discovered by a golfer looking for a lost ball ... threesome indoors

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