< Violet Storm: McCavity's UK Pornstars 1 R18 DVD available

Released: 2000
Director: Phil McCavity
Notes: on DVD with Violet Storm 2
Alternate Titles
  • The Adventures of Violet Storm R18 DVD available
Notes and Reviews

DVD with Violet Storm 2. Review copy courtesy of Phil McCavity.

1. Pornstar

Violet Storm is a private detective. She gives a voice over (a bit wooden in places) while she is in the shower and describes her latest case, but she is asked to work as a porn star by Phil MCavity who is seen going through pictures of models, rejecting them all until he gets to hers. He phones her up from his desk. Then the camera moves away and it is revealed that there is a girl under the desk giving him a blow job - this is Nicky Pearce (slo-mo facial). Violet arrives at the editing suite and is auditioned in a lesbian scene by Vicky Video (Chloe [6]), the video editor. They use dildos and strap-ons on each other, including anally.

2. Trouble in Two's Adventure

Private eye Violet, wearing brief black hot pants and brief top, is driven in her limousine (!) to meet an informant whom she beats up for being useless. On the way from this event she discovers two men whose car has broken down. She gives them a lift and they have a sex scene in the back of the limo (that's why it's a limo of course). Then the sex moves to another location, taking place on a large black sheet like a huge bin liner. The scene includes a DP in the sense that she takes a cock in her pussy with a small dildo in the arse at the same time and it ends with facials.

Violet is a brunette with tattoos and nipple and labial rings which will not be to everyone's taste, but she is stacked and an enthusiastic performer. Vicky Video is a tall blonde also with a fine figure (also tattooed) and Nicky Pearce is a very welcome blast from the not-too-distant past. The attempt to create situations rather than just a straight-to-sex scene is also welcome, even if the situations are a bit corny.

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