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Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews
  • Dave and fat brunette Brenda
  • Simon and Andrea (good looking brunette)
  • Doreen solo
  • Sheri (blonde) and Gavin, facial
  • Angie (brunette) and Tim, facial
  • Sarah (Robinson) and Telly (good-looking brunette with clit ring) lesbian, dildo, pissing into vases and jugs
  • Annabelle (Casey-Jane of Ben Dover Housewives Fantasies) and Sadie (older pretending to be a teacher seducing her pupil)
  • Annabelle (Casey-Jane) and Harry (tall thin cameraman for Amateur Blues etc.)
  • Gloria (short, good-looking slightly oriental brunette), Eddie and Geoff, begins solo, moves to m/f then mmf, facial (could well be the same scene as in British Sluts and Butts: Amateur Housewives Vol. 3, STB H-109)
  • Karen, Terry, John and Mike begins as man seducing his maid joined by two other males, facials

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