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Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews
  • Lisa and Brian. A quite good-looking brunette wearing only a black pleated skirt fondles herself on the bed, uses a dildo and then is joined by a man who uses the dildo on her. Then they have sex
  • Lynda - mature blonde, solo, labia rings and short thin chains
  • Dawn and Pete, blindfolded fat brunette in patterned, open-crotch tights and male
  • Lynda and Rob. Lynda from 2, solo dildo stuff at first then m/f sex, finishing with sitting on a bench on lawn wearing only a pink jumper and pissing on the grass
  • Fran and Tony. That is Lisa Stretton and Tim Harris (or Ferris). Sex scene on bed to facial with bit of chat with participants at end
  • Gill and Donna. Gill is Gilly Sampson. Lesbian scene
  • Kerry and 3 Pals. Brunette, good looking, buxom, watches porn video and masturbates and fantasises about having sex - several short clips of her with three men, several cumshots, at least two facials. Longer version of this scene exists somewhere, but can't place it at the moment
  • Laura Turner, solo, dildo, wine bottle, dirty talking. In Best of Viewers Wives 2

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