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Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews
  • Sylvia, brunette solo
  • Sylvia and Mary (an old blonde) les
  • Amber, auburn-haired, small tits, mostly solo
  • Sandra and Pete, mature-ish brunette, a lot of solo dildo stuff followed by full sex and fisting
  • Lynda and Mike, mature blonde, full sex, pissing, facial
  • Tina, Geoff and Paul (mature-ish brunette) solo at first, then m/f with facial, then with another man
  • Nigel's Naughty Ladies - interviews followed by brief action - Anthea, mature-ish brunette, Joan, auburn-haired, mature, Anja, blonde, Caroline, fat, black Zimbabwean
  • Paula and Steve i.e. Kelly Hearne and Steve Thorpe, facial
  • Anne, Martin and Guy (one of the men is Lee Francis) thin blonde with tattoo right shoulder, facial

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