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Released: 1997
Director: Jim Enright
Notes: VXA
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Running time: 94 mins.

When deranged scientist Mike Horner decides to be the first man to travel through time, it's a bad day for the staff on the Vortex project. Breaking into the labs, he starts the system up only to be disturbed by project leader Julie Ashton. In an attempt to stop Mike, she falls into the untested machine and finds it changes both time and appearance.

Waking up in the mid west of the 1800's, Julie is transformed into Nici Sterling, a whore house girl. Clad in a red corset and white stockings, she waits on the bed for her next customer. The door bursts open and cowboys Kyle Stone and Dave Hardman stagger in. They're looking for a good time and Nici can give it to them. The pair fall onto the bed and rummage round Nici's stocking tops as she takes out their cocks to suck, leaving red lipstick rings on their shafts. Knickers off, the boys spread Nici's legs and tongue at her pussy and arse. Down on all fours, Nici licks at one cowboy as she's entered by the second. Twisting round on the bed, the guys swap places. With two dicks to play with, Nici wants some DP action. The pair bang away at her pussy and bum. Jumping up, Nici opens her mouth to collect the boys' cum. That done, she straightens herself up for the next client.

Julie is disgusted at what she's become. Meanwhile, back in the labs, between bouts of banging each other, Vicca and Tony Tedeschi try to reverse the process.

Running through several more time zones, Julie encounters several more girls and guys, including Shayla Laveaux, Rayveness and Jonathan Morgan. Slowly, she realises her worst nightmare: she is trapped in a time lock. To make things worse, Mike Horner has transported himself into the Vortex from another dimension and there's no escape!

With hot action and hammy acting, Vortex is a decent enough sex-based Sci-Fi movie. By today's standards, some of the special effects look a little primitive, but that doesn't detract from the overall performances. For those who like a tidy conclusion, Vortex leaves the viewer in something of a limbo with Julie Ashton trapped with multiple personalities in outer space. An opportunity for director Jim Enright to bring us Vortex 2 perhaps?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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