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Released: 2011 (for DVD)
Director: Paul Carder
Notes: Adult Channel / Union Films
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Running time: 123 mins.

Teen Thrills follow the sexual exploits of Theo as she settles down to a new life in the big city.

Covered in soap, Theo lies in the bath of her new apartment. Her hands slowly drift across her body. Feeling sexy, she dries herself off and slips into a silk teddy and panties. A finger finds its way to her fanny and she starts to rub. Climbing into her bed, Theo squeezes her boobs together and pushes more fingers into her pussy. Reaching to the bedside cabinet, she grabs a shiny pink toy. Covered in lube, its popped between her legs. Lying on the bed, Theo works herself to orgasm.

With a vibrator pressed against her shorts, Katie's moment of pleasure is interrupted by a phone call. The batteries on her toy are almost flat. She accepts Theo's invite to go shopping. Spent up, the girls return to the flat laden with bags of lingerie and dresses. Trying on their new purchases, it doesn't take long before they start fondling each other's boobs. Tugging down Theo's knickers, Katie buries her face in pussy and laps. Then, stripping herself, she lies across the table to be lapped in turn. The girls 69. Theo hands Katie her slim, pink toy to use on her pussy. Bending over double, Katie takes the recharged toy between her legs. Theo twists and screws the toy till she climaxes. Katie's tongue darts across Theo's pussy. She moans and quivers with pleasure.

Natalia and Paris call at Theo's for a drink. With the wine flowing, the three feel frisky. Hiking up her short red dress, Theo has something else for her guests to taste. They both tongue and probe at her pussy. Stripping, the three move to the sofa. Natalia sits on Paris's face while Theo climbs between her legs. Finding her toys, Theo fills Natalia's fanny with a vibrator. Paris uses the shiny pink toy on her host. Kneeling side-by-side, Natalia plants the toys into the girls' pussies, bringing them to a climax.

With her washing machine broken, Theo is stuck in the flat waiting for the engineer. Seeing Steve through the spyhole she slips into something more sexy, hoping for a result. With the washer fixed, Steve turns round to find Theo undoing the tie on her black negligee. His lips move to her nipples and he sucks on them. Climbing on to the work bench, Theo spreads her legs. Steve tongues his way to her pussy. Jeans down, she takes his staff in her mouth and licks along the length. The two move to the sink. Leaning forward, Theo is entered from behind. She puts a leg on the unit and steadies herself as Steve bangs away. Up on the breakfast bar, the two shag spoons. Theo pushes herself up to ride Steve reverse. Jerking away, Steve shoots his spunk over Theo's tits. Job done.

Heading over to Renee's new gym with her friend in tow, Cate appears more interested in ciggys and cider than doing a work out. Putting the girls through their paces, Theo is enthusiastic, but Cate couldn't care less. Things change when a water fight breaks out and the three have to strip off their damp things. Renee starts to lick between Theo's legs. Cate watches on. THIS is the type of exercise she likes. With Renee fingering Theo, Cate gets her chance to use her tongue, darting and probing at her friend. Crouching over Theo's face, Renee flops forward and the two 69. Cate sits on the floor lapping. Producing two vibrators, Theo eases them into Cate and Renee. Down on the floor, Renee is filled doggy. Cate hangs from the equipment with the toy planted in her pussy. The girls kiss... Exercise over.

Ushering boyfriend Clark into her apartment, Theo stands before him wearing a short, red dress. Dropping down the top, she wants his opinion on her boobs. Feeling them, Clark thinks they're firm and pert and duly gives them a lick. Dropping her knickers, she wants to know about her bum. He runs his tongue up her thighs - it's as smooth as a peach. Theo lies back on the sofa. Clark's investigations continue. His lips reach her pussy. Moaning, he slips his digits into her damp snatch. Pulling at Clark's cock, Theo fills her mouth. Nice and wet, she slips down on the length and rocks. The pair shuffle round on the sofa for sex, spoons style. Next, down on all fours, Theo is fucked doggy style. Ready to cum, Clark empties his load over Theo's lips. She smiles.

Whilst Teen Thrills may not be the most sophisticated movie in terms of scene scenarios, the film is both well shot and produced. 'Teenage' lead Theo puts in some sexy, hot work which shows that she can perform well with both guys and girls. An enjoyable two hours worth of viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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