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Released: 2007
Director: Kelly Holland
Notes: Penthouse
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Running time: 116 mins.

In a post apocalypse wasteland, Penthouse 'Pet' Neveah records the history of her family on scraps of paper for posterity: Vanessa Lane in Victorian London; prim and proper Edwardian Aurora Snow on her garden swing; Devon Lee being naughty in a 20s speakeasy; Reily Shy giving her GI boyfriend a special war time leaving present; sexy 60s model Roxy Deville who ends up getting a little more than she expects from her photo shoot. All are connected via a pocket watch which is now in Neveah's possession.

As she finishes writing, a motorbike roars across the rubble. Wearing an ankle length black coat, Kelle Marie climbs off. Her coat wafts open to reveal ripped stockings. She strides towards Neveah. Holding her by the hair, Kelle Marie rips Neveah's top and pulls at her boobs. Her long coat drops to the floor. Kelle Marie plants Neveah's face in her pussy to be licked. Falling back, Neveah feels Kelle Marie's fingerless gloves making their way across her thighs until the fingers enter her. Savouring the sensation of Kelle Marie's tongue on her clit, Neveah sighs. Legs interlocked, the girls grind together till Kelle Marie climaxes. She then uses an improvised toy to make Neveah orgasm.

The six scenes may be short but they are very well done, capturing the essence of each age as we follow the girls through their sexual exploits. With good production and performances throughout, Timeless is an enjoyable plot-based movie. And there is an added bonus tucked away in the extras with Reily Shy featuring in a short 40s style solo session. Another good reason to watch this film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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