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Released: 2005
Notes: www.traceysvideos.co.uk / Zuus
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Running time: 90 mins.

With its wobbly and sometimes out of focus camera work, very small cast and lack of locations, apart from Tracey's front room, Tiffany's First Time is very definitely a home-made amateur production. Slim Tracey has persuaded Tiffany (who has died blonde and black hair) to appear in a number of short girl/girl and girl/girl/boy scenes all shot on and around her sofa.

To start off with the sofa is covered in a candy pink fluffy cover, the girls sit and play with each other's boobs then strip. Tracey plunges her fingers into Tiffany's pussy before the two turn to 69 for a little licking. Next, Tracey uses a vibrator on Tiffany before the girls bang and grind on a double-ended dildo.

Same sofa different cover. Track-suited Tiffany fondles Tracey in her white T-shirt and denim mini as a balding man joins the pair. The girls kiss and strip, then slowly remove the mans todger from his boxers for a lick. Having tasted cock Tracey moves back to munching minge, Tiffany moves down her body to feast on fanny. The guy fingers the pair while they suck on his dick, eventually cummimg in Tiffany's mouth.

The pink cover is now on the floor and Tracy and Tiffany indulge in some girl/girl action. There are toys, tongues and fingers in this short scene.

The next scene is almost the same as the last, but this time a guy joins in. The two get out his cock and explore it with their tongues, but still seem more interested in each other.

Déja vu, though this time Tracey does get to fuck the guy.

Finally, after all that dirty work, the girls end in the shower for a good soapy session.

Whilst I admire Tracey and her team for making the film, there isn't really enough decent material to fill a full 90 minutes and too many of the scenes are exactly the same. There is also the production issue - there is only so much out of focus, wobbly camera work you can take in a film before you start to feel queasy. Ten out of ten for trying Tracey, but a very low mark for the actual results.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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