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Released: 2005
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
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Running time: 114 mins.

Relish have cast Jamie Brooks and Renee Cox alongside three stunning Czech girls (Angel Dark, Julie Silver and Katarina) in a film which has a first - Czech dialogue with English subtitles, well for the first couple of minutes anyway.

Fortunately on the way to see Big Ben, Big Steve and Big Ian, the girls remembered their phrase books which included the sayings "Stuff my pussy" and "Please fuck my arse", very useful when they wanted to try British Beef.

Jamie Brooks and Mark have to share a hire car with Katarina in scene 3. Back at the flat, Jamie plays hell. Mark has been so busy trying to chat up the Czech girl he has picked up the wrong bags. Looking inside Jamie finds they are full of erotic lingerie and decides to try on a low-cut bra and knickers. The sight of Jamie's nipples peeking over the top of the bra gets Mark turned on and he is quickly between her legs licking at her pussy. Jamie moves her mouth to Mark's manhood and her head bobs up and down as her lips slide along the moist shaft. Deep throating the cock Jamie dribbles down her chin, the saliva dripping on her tits. Mounting Mark's dick Jamie writhes and hammers away, her breasts bouncing as she rubs her clit. Pussy penetration continues in the spoons and missionary positions accompanied by the squeaks and bangs of the sofa. After a final bit of doggy Mark pops his load over Jamie's back.

In the final scene Renee Cox, smartly dressed in suit and stockings, is working in a Tourist Information office. As no one's about she lifts her skirt to finger her pussy then strips out of her jacket and bra. As she starts to work a dildo between her legs, Katarina enters. She wants to see a show, but it's not Cats she wants to see; it's Renee's pussy she is interested in. Kneeling on the floor in her short electric blue dress, Katarina buries her tongue in Renee's pussy. Removing Katarina's knickers, Renee returns the favour, sucking and playing with her clit. A red vibrator is produced and the girls take turns pushing the plastic into each others' pussies. They then 69 on the desk, Renee having her pierced clit licked as she fingers and sucks at Katarina. Eventually both girls moan and sigh, they've found what they want.

Relish have a reputation of producing high quality, hot action films and Travelling Czechs is no exception. Whilst it may not be their best ever work (camera angles and framing in scene 2 aren't quite up to standard) it still ranks high and is miles better than some films which appear on the shelves.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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